The Body Shop Lagi (versi trytest)

Kan saya baru beli something from The Body Shop semalam kan? Jom tengok edisi trytest saya; before and after:

Before : ok, pix ni has been photoshopped Fake Tilt-Shift. Al-maklum, saya bukan model. Bila muka free from make-up - Masya Allah! 

Before jugak : Pengeditan dari Photoshop filter  - region (out of focus)

After : Sumpah tak edit! Cuma tambah watermark je

After lagikk : ni masa nak update blog - camwhore pakai laptop punya webcam. Again, besides watermarking, no other editting process here.

For all of the 'after' pictures:

- Cheeks by The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain
- Whole face by Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Shine Free Foundation (Honey)
- Eyes lined by some cheapskate products (combination of liquid and non-liquid)
- Brows by The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit
- Nose shaded by The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit as well
- Lips by The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain and MoistureGlide Lipstick 06 Clover PK

Looks pretty natural kan? 

Tu saja make-up yang diapply - no eyes shadow, sebab tu nampak natural.
And I just realized that I applied rather sikit je eyebrows tu - sayang product baru kowtt?

The best experience on this trytest is when I applied Lip & Cheek Stain kat pipi, sejuknya terasa sampai sekarang. Pipi saya rasa fresh! One more thing, bila apply kat bibir then apply lipstick, tak rasa macam ada lipstick kat bibir, rasa macam Justin Bieber dowh!

All in all, The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain is the best! Totally recommended!!

Dahlah, The Body Shop pun bukannya sponsor anything pun! And bear in mind that this entry is with zero intention of berlagak dengan muka tak seberapa tu. Anyway, my blog ni bukannya hit pun. So, this is some kinda dear-diary gituhh. In fact, by doing this actually I'm revealing the truth ACTUALLY - that I look like nenek kebayan without make-up!!!!

p/s : muka dah comel - jom pi bazar Ramadhan~~ hehe
p/s/s : WOW, letak laptop kat 'sini' memang superb. Lighting memang the best untuk camwhoring pakai webcam, yeay!


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