Addicted to The Body Shop (edisi ending yang kelaod!)

Despite other well-published brands like Bobby Brown, Loreal, Maybelline and maybe perfumes from CK, Bvlgari and Elizabeth Arden; just to name a few; I am reluctantly hooked-up with The Body Shop.

Fact : I have or used to have cosmetics or perfume products from those brands (am I berlagak or whatt??)

I still remember the first time I was being introduced to The Body Shop. I was 13 years-old, Form 1 at SIGS (Sultan Ibrahim Girls School). Being at the one of the country's premier schools during those years; once we were in, we had to adapt to the culture in order to fit in. I was having a culture-shock as I was schooled at kampung area before.

No doubt SIGS was a premier school but it was for anak dato's school first. And I still remembered how loaded you would be if you have a piece of something from Converse, Nike, Adidas (even High Sierra), Mickey Mouse, Pooh (even Little Bobdog), watches from Baby-G (I got one too!), Swatches etc. Owning a Versace perfume would just do it, first class!! (no offense but this was how I saw it from my point of view).

Anyhow, The Body Shop was among the top brands as well. A lot of my seniors were carrying The Body Shop free bag that came with the purchase of The Body Shop products (undoubtedly) and they were carrying it proudly  (I know!). So, that was how I got to know The Body Shop (unlike Maybelline or MAC; which use advertisements from television and magazine as their marketing tools)

Again, anyhow, I did manage to own my first The Body Shop product - an EDT perfume, from Moonflower range, I believed it was when I was in Form 2 or Form 3. Yes, finally I also managed to go to school with those free The Body Shop bags (too bad those bags were not that attractive as those seniors').

However, after few years and after I declared that the smell of Moonflower IS my trademark, The Body Shop did something rather stupid - discontinuing Moonflower.

And I hated The Body Shop thereafter.

Nevertheless, here I am, again, purchasing my 2nd The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Eau De Parfum (just within these few months) accompanied by other lines of products too:

1 - The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Eau De Parfum 30ml (RM 85.00)
2 - The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit 2 x 1.5g (RM 45.00)
3 - The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain 8ml (RM 39.00)
4 - The Body Shop Satsuma Soap 100g (RM 9.90)

Closed to 200 bucks kan? NOPE!!

I bought 4 items thus entitling me to get 15% discounts!! Yeay!

And  on top of that, I got (jeng jeng jeng):

RM 20.00 rebate for the next purchase!!!!!! (Help me! What to buy next? I need your kind guidance!)

Not only that!!

The bluish one is a sample of The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Butter, while the pinkish I believed to be a sample of Lavender lotion or something like that (I terforgot pulak!!). The contains may be as few as just a spoonful but I feel good about it! 

Enough about bragging on my stupid way of spending my money. Let's talk about another suam2 kuku adventures (adventure?) that I had today (I mean yesterday night):

Me and boss were invited to Century Logistics but too bad I didn't manage to camwhore as I was busy panicking and thinking of what to eat next!

But, here's the invitation, nevertheless:

Food - boo!! 
Ambiance - luxurious but our table temperature dia - a bit tak boleh tahan. Panas!
Overall - would love to be invited again in future, crossing my fingers that there will be an Open House invitation from that Dato' this coming season (hehe).

Owh before I shut down my computer and have a good rest on long-awaited weekend, here's another one:

I must admit, no matter how sucks Streamyx may be or want to be, I am happy to get this free cordless phone, it's Motorola by the way #clearthroat

PERLU KE???? (do you manage to see that on the phone screen?)

This should do it, so I'm ending my current updates with Selamat Berpuasa di hunjung minggu!



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