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Dear me~~

Two thumbs up for realizing your mission and vission (exercise; that is). But thumbs down for the meeting every Friday @ 5.45pm, spoil my plan, that is!


The person who loves you the most


GO GO!! it's time for a little exercise, dear~~

Dear Me,

Did you know that by consuming in large quantity of the chocolates that you bought last 2 weeks at the Fair is currently affecting the sizes of your face (embarassing), your back (ouch!), your waistline (yup, I'm suffering in my tight pants right now!) and your tummy (so, so true~~)??

So, on behalf of your plumpier body, I'm insisting and urging you to do something about it; and this should be an easy task:

Back from work, go straight to jog at padang starting tomorrow - 22 June 2010.

p/s: don't forget to bring your suitable attires tomorrow, kay! and please stick to the plan on daily basis (working day), with exception on rainy days, ok dear??

Yours faithfully,

L5 (the person who loves you the most)


To punish or not to punish

The article from New Straits Time "The effects of penalising BP" dated 18 June refers.

Debarring BP from lucrative contract, banning them from drilling offshore and heaviest fines possible to be imposed to BP - this should be the way to go and more. BUTTTT...

By doing so, US will have to suffer the harmful effects for their economy as BP is one of the major suppliers of military jet fuel and is the largest domestic of oil and gas within the United States. If US economy is affected, so will every other country in the world.

So what's the verdict, Mr. Obama?

Source: http://www.nst.com.my/


The following is the story that I supposed to post here before, but since the setting was not that satisfying at that moment, I had decided to post it on Facebook instead.

For personal satisfaction, I'd like to do what I should have done before... hit it!

Catch it while stocks last; Danga City Mall 4-6 June (the EXPO building though, as I was a bit lost gak tadikk, first time here since the change from Best World to City Mall)

What you can say about women and chocolate? I’d say, MAGNETIC!! I’m not sure, but at times like this, some time in a month (which most women will understand; can relate to), chocolate is the best treatment EVER. Some say shopping, but shopping for chocolate is like Heaven on Earth! Just put aside our diet plan for a while, chocolate is irresistible. Personally, it is far way better-feelings that falingl in love with the wrong man. Wayyy better (apelah, ofkoslah).This is the best ever. It was so unbelievable that they were all surrounding me. Obsession. Possession. CONFUSION!! So many chocolate and; never thought it’ll be so many that I brought home too. And guess what; I also got the opportunity learning some itsy bitsy tiny bit of Russian language besides testing and tasting and wanting the chocolate.Unbelievable. And, it also considered lucky for me, as I was doing this craziness-madness alone - if I were with somebody else, this will be the most embarrassing moment in my life. Ever! It’s like; I’m not behaving like myself right now. I mean I was talking to my chocolates on my way home, what can you say bout that!

I just had my HRM exam earlier this afternoon (almost forgotten). All the stress from not able to answer the questions; just because the habit of last minute study and still thinking that, hey Halima's brain can absorb all of that last-minute revision at once, crazy; all of that disappear, when chocolate hit my taste buds. People says, if something went wrong, there is a price we have to pay. This (the purchase of THE beloved choc.o.late.s) is like the advance payment if I fail in my exam. I’m not looking forward to fail, but the possibility is still there~~Goodness, my friend, I mean my BFF; you know that I have some kinda financial planning this year. But look at what I spent my money on. I mean, when it comes to chocolate, everything else just don’t make sense! And, BFF, tell me who is the chocolate maniac now, ha? You didn’t see that comin’, aight?

And, unfortunately, to my auntie, hehe whose I still owe her RM400++, sorry, she’ll have to wait another one more month for the repayment (Included in this note, just to make myself feel less guilty..)

And the plan for adopting a cat in SPCA – owh, my brain JUST cannot take the pressure. Chocolate, cat, chocolate, cat – which one should come first? Argh, it hurts just to think of it.

This event came too early than the kick-off of my own blog. Yes, I’ve my own blog already! It’s just still an empty space in this cyber world currently. Well, I’m not going to promote it, but you guys may or may not check that out later. I was thinking, this should be my first posting; overriding the article that I’ve prepared before, but this thing; can't wait~~

And this chocolate thing, I think it is way better feeling-good feeling than it was back in Secondary school – whereby lepak kat CS or mase kat GS duluhh lepak kat Best World and beli chocolate. Those were luxurious, this is EXCLUSIVE.OK. Enuff already! Better get back to my Communication and Computer!! Or rather – better get back to my cho ko la’ tae

... yes, I'm mad about chocolate


Ceritaku ^^ ^^

Ceritaku ini tiada galang ganti
Ceritaku ini lambang diriku hari ini
Cerita yang ingin ku kongsi membawaku kemari
Untuk berkongsi cerita bersamamu.

Ceritaku seperti ceritamu.
Ceritaku ceritamu
Cerita serta perca kehidupanku
Cerita sedih bersulam gembira… pengakhiranku…

Aku bercerita untuk bersuka
Tiada gundah tiada duka
Duka pedih simpan didada
Tiada perlu kubercerita
Cerita gembira pengubat duka
Agar dirimu mengerti
Setiap budi dan pekerti
Tercerita di sini

Episod pertama terhenti di sini
Ceritaku tersandiwara kembali
Ceritaku huraian penuh bererti
Ceritamu pula bakal kunanti

Note - sungguh saya tak jiwang karat. Saya hanya minat literasi Melayu moden..


Living with hyperhidrosis

I know that it is out of my league to discuss about something serious like health issues. All I have to say is I am among the millions suffering from this illness. I know I may sound a bit dramatic by using the words suffering and illness in one sentence but to those who live with it, may know that those words are not enough to express how uncomfortable life is living with it. Ok, I'd leave the explaining portion to the experts - click here and here for more info about hyperhidrosis. For me, living with this condition has somehow or rather affected my social life. I feel uneasy to attend any functions like kenduri, majlis perkahwinan, dinner or anything like that.

First, because it is hard for me to find the suitable and at the same time comfortable clothes to put on. Who says those glamorous baju kurungs are comfy? So, for us, it'll be like living in hell!

Second, shaking hands are part of the routine when we first met people. So, sweating palm leads to - lack of confidence instantly (not instantly, even before the shaking hands are taking place). It is really funny when I always received comments such as "sejuknye tangan. Ni mesti kat kereta bukak aircond kuat-kuat, kan?" I'm like, of course i bukak aircond kuat-kuat, thinking about this majlis and the fact that I'm about to meet and greet people - hek I'm sweating like hell!

Third, what kind of shoes should I wear? the covered one is fine with me as long as I don't have to take it off to enter the house. But what if the majlis is held inside the house? So, I should wear something like high heels or some kind of slippers? Oops, I forgot, it is going to be a very slippery ride for me then. To top it all off, sometimes it has occurred to me that these bare feet might have some uncomfortable smells that I might not be aware of because I live with it all my life that if in fact my feet do smell, the people surrounding me would be thinking that this girl is having some hygienic issues that we should avoid being near to her to give her some kinda hints that 'Girl, you could use some showers!'

Owh, and forth, don't forget about the melting make-up on my face!

So, so far did I avoid attending any functions? Nope, I've been to most functions that I was invited to. Yes, the feel of 'insecurity' is always there, but it's not like I have to be a loner just because of I sweat excessively! I should leave the hardest part of all of this to my BFF to let me know IF in fact - I do smell!

Owh, don't get me started on exams, interviews... and also; dating!

To begin < with some intro

Not much of an intro of myself; as far as the title of this post is concerned. This is not the place for me to share my personal life to public (I'll try my best to resist the temptation to). However, with respect to this new experience of mine, I should provide some insights of what exactly has made me to initiate this; my own cyber space. Here it goes..


Long ago, I used to have a blog, in a social network website, Friendster. But as we are all aware, the site is no longer a phenomenon now. Everybody has turned into Facebook and Twitter instead. I was in the same wavelength as well. As a result, my blog is left unattended.

A bit info about myself - I am working in a private company and at the same time I'm also a part time student in one of the open university in Malaysia.

Back to my story. It was about two to three months ago, I got myself busy - reading some blogs - about economy, politics, and sometimes personal and entertainment issues. I have made myself a follower for one particular blog. It is full of love stories (the author claimed that it's totally the opposite). The blog is actually dedicated to her love ones. And the best thing about the blog is not about the story - it's about how she expresses it. No doubt, it's lovey-dovey, but the way she uses the words makes the readers wonder - how damn lucky he is for having her as his girlfriend!

I don’t consider I’m such a romantic person. However, reading through all her stories, makes me feel like I was living in a princess world. And another plus point is she was a graduate student from oversea and it makes perfect sense that the words she uses are very sophisticated. So all in all, the stories are reflecting whom I’d never be it’s really whom I want to be but will never be.

I’ve signed in to this blogger or blogspot for about two months or so. But as a student, I’ve to resist the temptation to post anything here as I was supposed to focus on my exams. So I just put this on hold for a little while. Now, the exam is over and--

Here I am; blogging after for so many years.

I want to take this opportunity to remind me that I must make myself clear that I’m responsible on everything that I put in this blog; or rather anywhere in this cyber space. On that note, careful of what we intend to say!!

Bravo for a good start.
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