After two years and more...

After a long period of two years, me and my ex boss, (or should I say) my long lost friend; Ms. Sue and I; we finally met. And as typical as it used to be, the dinner (a fine one) was on her. Let’s skip the ‘makan’ thing first and let me story from the beginning and bragging about her all the way, shall I?
I received SMSes from her few days ago, asking about my well being and so on. I never expected her to invite me over dinner tonight at all. During the reunion, we talked and talked and makan and makan all the way from 7.00pm++ till 9.30pm++… then we had to (L.....) really called it a day….
Like what I updated in my Facebook just now – so much to talk about and yet so little time….. Ms. Sue… I really2 missed you and of course all of our colleagues back then, soooooo much!! You know, words really can’t describe it, but really – I missed you guys so much. And meeting you just now was really something that I look forward to for the longest time.
Yes, that’s the bonding we have – me and my colleagues – especially with my ex-boss. We were very close. And the best thing is, we still ‘talk back’ about each other very often up until now – well, in a good way that is. I still remember, end of last year I was emailing Ms. Sue, and my other colleagues namely Siew Hong, Vivian, Mr. Lau… – then when Ms. Sue replied, she said she was also mentioning my name just few days before when she met up with Siew Hong and other ex-colleagues. That was really coincidental, wasn’t it?  Then, when I received her SMS few weeks after that, I also mentioned to her that something had happened that leading me to thinking about her as well. Well, kinda true that we are tuning to the same frequency, aren’t we?


I guess, it is to no point for me to bodek her so much right now, as she is no longer my superior. But, in a way – in a very good way I really love her. She has taught me so much. And I really look up to her. She is a successful as a person – as a manager and as a mother of two cutey boys. Yes, I have been scolded before when I used to be her sub-ordinate, but when I miss her and the team, the memory of us together – that is all that I can think of. In a good way, she was like the motherly mother to us; Materials Department team. Sorry Ms. Sue, I know you already an auntie, but to regard you as our ‘mother’ is the least that I can say… (owh, you look so fine, just like you used to be and will always be, ni hen mei~~). Uppss… sorry can’t bodek you as a wifey to your hubby as I really didn’t see the romantic side of you. Pardon me. Owh, you are a family type of person, nonetheless~~
Back to our meeting just now (and let us forget about the bodekking for a while…) – it was so sad and disappointing that I forgot to take our picture together – so that I can upload it to Facebook and make them (ex-Bi-Link) so and so jealous!!! L But never mind. Let me put at least something here to reminisce some of our good old days together~~~ (at first I would like to put some pictures here but by dial-up internet connection is damn lousy that it took 15 minutes to upload NOTHING!! I make an effort to re-upload tomorrow -_-" )
Thanks to her, she has taught me to be a Planner with proper way to doing the job (sorry for the long description here, as I know I was not a good Planner back then like my ex FM used to call it “Poor Planning??”). Thanks to her, I really really really improved my English so much. Typical for Malays not to have confidence to speak in English publicly, right? But in order for me to communicate with her – actually is was more to not to have any miscommunication with her so that the work flow would not be affected – she has made me “the girl who speaks”. Though I know, my English is way beyond perfect, but people can at least understandla (at least I think they do). Thanks to her, she has taught me some beautiful facts about life; about kids, about general health, well just about anything… (I still remember she also lectured us about the better “susu fomula” to give children other that breastfeeding). Thanks to her, I have learned how to be professional when dealing with people and not to jeopardize work with personal. Thanks to her I got to enjoy some fine dinings last time (and just now!!).
Wow, cannot talk about this lady, then I will keep bragging about her and people will look at me one kind liao (pandang satu macam).
Anyway, it was pretty obvious here for me to say that we still got more to catch up and the meeting just now felt so sekejaaaaap sangat! Let’s end this with some wishes. I wish that we can see each other again; each time more merrier and merrier than the last time. And please, don’t wait for another two years to reunite ya? And I wish next year I can collect some ang pao from each of my Chinese ex-colleagues from Bi-Link, that I will be RICH *ngeeee*

P/S : How I wish I still have that one picture of us Materials Department together. Silly me, last time pendrive wasn’t the most crucial gadget for me, so the picture is only saved here, inside my “hard head”….. keras kepala LAH!!

Surat kepada saudara Nami

Baru sat tadi membaca entry blogger kegemaran saya - TTGB yang bertajuk Surat Terbuka Untuk Nasruddin Tantawi(nama I/C ke tak ni?).

Saudara Nami, ini pula tulisan buat saudara

Aku tak tau kenapa aku rasa senang dengan semua tulisan kau. Padahal, aku adalah perempuan di kalangan tudunistas (female version of serbanistas), Padahal kau punya pendirian ada yang sah2 menyalahi undang2 Islam. Dan aku tak tau kenapa aku tulis satu entri yang berupa surah untuk kau padahal aku tau pembaca aku cuma dua orang (tu pun on and off - Shaz and Tina). 

Aku rasa sebagai typical wanita, aku cuma membayangkan seorang Nami adalah seorang yang hensem bermuka ala2 Cina sama macam gambar profile kau tu (ahli politik Jepun). Jadi bila aku baca penulisan kau, aku bayangkan orang Jepun ada kat telinga aku lalu turut membaca atau membacakan untuk aku. Lalu, aku pun suka!

Tapi aku tau hakikatnya kau ni loser. Jadi senang cerita, aku mesti takkan suka engkau kalaulah suatu hari kita ditakdirkan bertemu. Aku tau kau dengan Obi sama paten - gemuk boroi - atau mungkin jugak aku salah. Mungkin kau sekurus apek senario kerana kau juga pernah merasakan nikmat2 high yang aku tak boleh terangkan kerana aku typical wanita yang tak pernah sentuh benda2 tersebut.

Walau siapa pun kau dan siapa pun aku, aku tetap pelik - aku merasa cemburu bila kau bercintan cintun dengan Kak Jah ari tu. Pastu, bila kamu berdua ditakdirkan tidak menjadi, aku merasa gembira. Aku terasa seolah2 aku jatuh cinta pada kau padahal aku tak kenal kau. Dan aku dah berpunya! Pelik yang tak terungkap!

Tapi mari aku ungkapkan sedikit. Aku tahu kenapa aku minat pada engkau - kerana teori In a Relationship kau, kerana kau pandai melukis, kerana kau pandai menulis, kerana kau knowledgable, kerana kau kidalnisme, kerana kau schizophrenia, kerana kau tak percaya pada kepolitikan dan kerana kau adalah engkau dan kau bukan sibuk meniru gaya orang lain pakai T-Shirt Polo.

Aku pun ada sedikit2 seiras dengan kau. Bukan dari segi wajah, tapi dari segi nasib. Masa sekolah dulu aku pernah merasa top selama setahun iaitu masa Form 1 (unlike you total loser). Tapi lepas tu aku tukar sekolah dan aku memang loser. Aku smart tapi aku loser. Aku tak ada boyfriend yang boleh diajak study bersama di perpustakaan dan aku tak bersocial di cybercafe setiap hari kerana bapak aku (arwah) hanya seorang pekerja buruh.

Unlike you, tukar girlfriend keselaluannya sama macam kau pergi mapley.. aku tidak. Aku setia. Setakat ni aku official ada satu ex-boyfriend and satu current boyfriend. Kisah cinta aku tidak seperti kisah Syazana Akmal dan Farez Helmi. Kisah cinta aku boring. Malah sekarang ni aku berura2 ingin berpisah dengan boyfriend aku. Cuma keadaan dan masa tidak mengizinkan lagi.Tapi engkau, selalu bertukar2 pasangan, jaga2 STD ya~~
Selepas aku bercerita pasal kisah percintaan aku baru aku perasan, aku ni macam desperate pulak dengan kau. Maaf jika itu yang kau interpretasikan dari surat ini. Aku malu jika kau rasa aku macam tu, tapi seperti kau, aku juga berpendapat - ini blog aku, aku punya suka nak cakap apa!!

Berbalik kepada kesukaan aku terhadap kau saudara Nami, aku memang bersependapat dengan kau tentang isu seks yang kau pertengahkan dalam entri Tentawi tu. Sebelum kau cakap, aku pun cakap - seks adalah salah satu keperluan dan fitrah manusia. Kenapa aku bercakap macam tu? Sebab aku rasa semua orang ada desire nak melakukan hubungan itu - segelintirnya adalah hubungan intim suami isteri, segelintir adalah hubungan terkutuk lagi keji. Ya, dua2nya dari segi fizikalnya sama, cuma dari segi pandangan dan yang paling penting keagamaannya tidak sama. Aku pernah mempertengahkan soal ini ketika aku berbual dengan bini Aim kawan aku. Aku cakap, seks adalah fitrah tetapi kenapa kaum aku selalu memperbualkan tentang hubungan suami isteri mereka ketika di ofis, kenapa mesti nak tengok video2 porno dan kenapa mesti nak cakap pada colleagues diorang - "wei, kau jangan tonggeng2, aku stim lah". Padahal seks sama macam keperluan kau makan - kau tak kecoh2 pulak nak cerita pasal macam mana kau makan, nak tengok video cara nak makan. Kalau kau nak sangat, balik rumah dan lakukanlah kewajipan kau pada bini kau..... Ok, aku tak pandai menulis but I really hope you get my point my dear!!

Pasal teori kemerdekaan kau yang Dunia Tanpa Negara tu aku memang no comment. Dulu masa sekolah menengah aku memang terror subject Geografi dan sekarang aku bekerja di syarikat shipping. - jadi aku memang pakar tentang kedudukan port2 di dunia (tidak semua tapi banyak yang aku tahu). Tapi, setakat itu je yang aku tahu. Aku pun macam kau, degree pun takde. Aku pandai, tapi kerja aku adalah kerja seorang loser. Kepala otak bergeliga, tapi aku tak pandai nak klepet orang walau macam mana caranya pun.

Sekali lagi, aku ni tak pandai menulis. Engkau kalau terbaca benda ni, dan kau komen, sure muka aku merah padam sekelip mata dan aku immediately akan terfikir "apa yang kau pikir pasal aku??? Aku ni desperado kahhh????"

Aku ada banyak lagi cerita nak cerita dengan kau. Tapi sekarang ni aku berwi-fi kat Old Town. Nanti aku ni dicop minah wi-fi pulak oleh best friend kau, si Obi tu. Aku dah lama kat sini. Air Orange Fizzy Float aku pun dah tak floating lagi. Aku nak blahh. Nanti ada masa dan topik yang rasanya bersesuaian, aku tulis surat lagi. Meanwhile, aku adalah silent reader kau selamanya~~

Yang Benar (lame!!! >.<)
Halima a.k.a Namie Xa'adea



Semalam bagun tido aku tsenyum sebab mimpi yg indah...hari ni bangun tido aku dikejutkan dengan call from him yang semestinya membuatkan aku kecewa dan dalam pada masa yang sama aku keliru... ok, now aku ber wi-fi kat oltown..update this thingy using my beloved c3.lemme enjoy my meal first and catch up later for full story and updates when i set up my laptop pulak (so entry will be longer...) toodles...

Hari Kekasih

Wah wah, tajuk!!

FYI, I don't think I'll be celebrating with the person who says he loves me still. Because, he's not the romantic type of person (at all!)

Nuff said

Hari Kekasih - Ada yang menyangkal bahawa 14hb Febuari adalah Hari Kekasih. Cukuplah ianya hanya Hari Valentine, bukan Hari Kekasih!


Pedulik apa cerita pasal Valentine adalah seorang mamat yang tolong jatuhkan Islam suatu masa dulu. Seseorang yang rajin tapi gemuk telah membuat kajian mengenai kesahihan fakta yang berulang kali disebarkan menjelangnya 14hb Febuari saban tahun. Jadi, terpulang sama ada cerita Pak Valentine tu betul atau tidak, yang penting sambutan Hari Kekasih ini mestilah disertakan dengan niat yang baik. Orang BN kan cakap "matlamat menghalalkan cara". 

Boleh tak by default kita anggap jerrr cerita Pak Valentine tu cerita dongeng kanak2 je (at least buat seketika).

Ada orang cakap, buat apa nak raikan Hari Kekasih pada 14hb Febuari je, raikan hari-hari! Kalau dah hari-hari bagi coklat dengan bunga - macam harroomm je kan!! So meh sini aku beta - Sesiapa yang cakap macam tu, boleh tak jangan terhegeh2 nak celebrate hari Ibu or hari Bapa or Hari Merdeka or Hari Ulangtahun or Hari Jadi Lahir boleh tak? Sebab kau sure celebrate hari2 itu setiap hari, kan? Kau tiup lilin kat kek tu hari2, kau bagi hadiah kat parents kau hari2, kau buat countdown hari2... Dah semua nak hari2 kan~~

Owh, tiup lilin masa hari Jadi Lahir harromm. Maaf ye!

Kenapa saya emo ni? Sebab walaupun saya tak pernah religiously celebrated 14th February, tapi hari tersebutlah hari yang mendamaikan. Semua tempat penuh love love. Bila love love mesti colour2 pink, merah, light purple... kan kiut! So, I would definitely be so lovey dovey when it comes to 14th February. So why so serious nak hapuskan perasaan happy lovey dovey tu? And I love my mom, ok! She deserves to be specially appreciated on another extra day which is Valentine's Day.

So to those yang cakap celebrating Valentine's day tu haram, korang beli kereta and rumah cash dululah, jangan support riba' beb.

Sesapa yang cakap celebrate kekasih does not require one specific day - hell!! Pi lah celebrate hari2. Tak payah join those people beli coklat and bunga at extra cost on 14th February, okay!!

On a lighter note, Happy Valentine's Day!

saman owh saman (seriously??!!)

Actually, subject does not really connect to the content of this entry except maybe, just a little. Sorry about that, but just take this as a disclaimer, will ya? Dan as early reminder - entri ini memerlukan daya imaginasi maksimum, ya kawan2?

Anyway, things to ponder : 
If let's say you drive along the highway, then you terserempak dengan kereta polis JPJ. Then due to certain circumstances, you feel like overtaking the police. After you did it, you maintain at allowable speed, literally in front of the police car. Then suddenly (maaaaybe due to certain circumstances again) that fool decides to overtake you pulak. Then you just realized something - the two fool persons inside the car; the driver and the passenger (who is policemen may I remind) are not fastening their seat belts!! Ok, as a layman, I think logically kita akan rasa geram sangat2 because those people who actually have the authority to fine people like us don't bother to follow the rules either, while they are the one who supposedly be the role models for us, right? Ok, now if let's say (I mean literally LET"S SAY) ada polis di sebalik pokok (means speed trap), then these little fools pass by, do you think this polis-jaga-laju-punya-orang will issue saman to those fools? Those fools are breaking the rules, man! Speeding? Not fastening seat belts? Come on! Think deep, people!


Based on this little story which was based on true story; my story; tergerak hati pulak nak update blog hari ni malam ni. Ok, imagine that you have the power because you are among those people who wear smart uniform to work (like policeman ke, imegresen ke... c'mon! pegawai kesihatan is never in the picture ok!!). And you have power (I mentioned already). You have the authority to keep us abide to the law....

Dah imagine??

Never mind! Consider you are following me on this. You masuk bidang ni inially with a big heart. You intend to help the community. Banteras jenayah and rasuah and everything in between. I believe when you sing your stupid song in the morning before you start your work, mesti ada ayat2 "kami jauh rasuah (cuma rasuah cuba manja2 dengan kami)". Then, you bekerja dengan penuh dedikasi. Murninya kerja ini, bisik hati you. Then suddenly, your great2 mother-in-law punya brother punya cucu punya sepupu punya maid mintak tolong you kautim dia punya saman. 

"C'mon, bro! We're family. Family must help each other!"
"Owh, really. Ok, maybe I can help you this time. What families are for, right?"

Then, that sedara punya kawan pun usha you kautim. Oklah, tolong lagi. 

Years in years out, you realized that despite helping for free, why not charge it already! Alah RM50 per transaction, wouldn't hurt aight? Then suddenly, tengah you syok2 kautim dengan awek you punya kekasih gelap untuk urusan smuggle barang to Malaysia, come this Samseng or Ketua Geng Hantu Malaya mintak jasa baik you. Dia cakap, dia akan bagi you 25% daripada nilai barang if you can help them bawa masuk selipar jepun dari Jepun ke Malaysia without kena import duty and tax. 

"wow! Ini peluang baik! Soon, my dream of bringing my awek pi Gold Coast Australia akan jadi reality!"

Then you buat. Then years in years out, you naik pangkat jadi officer / pegawai perut boyot. Oh, time tu, you buat kerja jenayah ni bukan cikai2 beb. Orang lain jual tanah kau kaut juta juta. Orang lain bukak business, kau free je dapat C Class. Bini kau makin gemuk, mistress kau makin takde daging kat badan!

Gambar cilokan Mr. Google





Cukup2lah imiginasi tu! Kang ada yang terasa! Bukan semua yang bekerja seperti di atas tu perangai hampeh macam tu!

  1. Cerita ini rekaan semata-mata. Tiada kaitan antara hidup dan mati. Tiada yang mati dalam cerita di atas.
  2.  Imaginasi ini berat sebelah kerana penulis adalah wanita dan nampak gayanya, watak utama dalam cerita ini adalah lelaki. Ni jatuh hukum bias nihh!!
  3.  General knowledge : sebagai antara pengeluar utama getah, adalah logik kiranya setiap barang siap (finished goods) yang ber"raw material"kan getah ,akan dikenakan tax dan duti apabila diimport masuk ke Malaysia. (read: penulis bekerja di sebuah syarikat shipping / forwarding. So no wonder she seems so smart on this matter)
Maaf atas iklan berupa bullet form di atas. 
Moral of the story - walau murni dan sucinya niat kita, bila kena dengan tempat, masa dan keadaan, benda yang kurang baik pun nampak murni dan suci.

Note: Kalau nak tahu, syarikat forwarding, shipping, shipping line ke - syarikat2 ini sangat2 competitive. Dan rasuah sangat penting as key of survival.
Sekian celotehan saya. Ada masa saya celoteh lagi


Permulaan yang baik

Wow,satu perkembangan yang baik untuk saya apabila saya mampu update blog saya sehari sekali. But too bad you have to like dream on sebab perkembangan baik ni cuma temporary je.sekarang ni saya cuma excited sebab saya update or post entry ni using my brand new phone - yes, my new nokia c3, well this is just a testing2.nk check whether i able to type in this very small keypad. Guess i manage it well.ok... That's all~;>
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