Spoil brat by subsidy?

Tak tau kenapa.. Sekarang ni ramai sgt keyboard warriors yg tanpa segan silu menyuarakan pendapat mereka. The issue here is, their pendapat(s) are seem legit bila look at one perspective, but seem irrelevant when look at other perspectives.
As for me, I'm not really into media social in sense of throwing my pendapat all over 'em. I'm using my social media utk dptkan general knowledge, to view funny cat videos, and to know a little bit of what happen in the world right now. Mostly, tu je. I'm just like silence reader, that's it!
Pernah jugak rasa sgt x puas hati dgn what has been displayed on my news feed - and nak comment like, takes forever to construct my words - ended up I threw my opinions kat colleague via WhatsApp! A long comment it turned up, eventually.
Entah. Rasa kalau nak bg pendapat, rasa mcm awkward, rasa macam - eeii, mcm nak kena bahan je! So, I think that's how we have been brought up to be malu, malu bertempat!
Rasanya intro ni dah melencong Dr isi kandungan. But, anyhow this leads to me jotting down my opinions here, just because I have something to share but I don't want to seek virtual attention (like I'll be getting any, anyway).

Well, saw this FB status from an activist, ranting about numerous types of people seeking help and courtesy for just about anything. There are PTPTN, government subsidy etc - to be one of the reason why people opts to get help rather than make extra effort to get extra income ke, to settle their issues. Well, mintak bantuan is also an effort, right? Nuff said.
This is how I've became what I am now - sekolah rendah - papa kena bayar duit like RM100/month kepada sekolah because papa bukan warganegara Malaysia. Meaning I didn't get any biasiswa (yg biasanya banked in kat bsn buku kuning tu kan?). I did get an RMK bantuan though (rancangan something2) yg beri susu cekelat percuma, mkn free kat kantin masa saya darjah 6 - through being one of the promosing and potential student to get 4A (straight As) kat UPSR. Dpt bantuan, but through effort la. Buku teks pinjaman - memang tak layak la kan..
Sekolah menengah - dpt offer to SIGS - dude hostel, belanja tinggi - monthly payment for anak non-warganegara was still needed, tapi me being such a smart alec, saya forged my surat beranak - claimed that my father is a Melayu. Nasib baik masa tu Mama dapat  durian runtuh. So, x lah membebankan for them to sediakan keperluan duduk asrama. Masa ni, Buku teks pinjaman dapat - sebab forged document kan..
SIGS x lama. Form 2 kebanyakannya dah sekolah kat Ulu Tiram, sebab tak biasa duduk asrama, berdikari - kena buli ngn senior dah kecut! So, kat Tiram ni, takut kantoi sebab few people knew that my papa Indonesian, so, still, with forged document - but tak volunteer pun nak ambil buku teks pinjaman. Semua beli  sendiri pakai duit papa mama.
PMR result flying colours. Tapi chose to stay Tiram, still with own textbooks. Came SPM - result OK, not bad, not best, but OK lah..
After SPM, saya tak further, sebab saya takut saya tak layak dpt apa2 bantuan. Saya takut kantoi. So, saya tak submit any application pun. Nevertheless, saya still dapat offer for form 6 at SDJ - which only few students yg dpt offer tu, and I was among 2 malays yang dapat. Went for their orientation programme, tapi x further sebab sekolah tu kat Bandar, and akan menyusahkan papa nak hantar. So, I didn't further my studies kat situ.
Kerja, cari pengalaman, papa meninggal, mama jadi ibu tunggal - yet untuk dia dpt Wang zakat agak susah (boleh dikatakan tak dpt langsung)
Then saya buat PJJ, pakai duit EPF and some cash.. BRIM - entah, mama pernah dapat sekali kot, ke tak pernah.. Gitulah

The point here is, I didn't grow up to be a peminta sedekah - been brought up to be independent - walaupun manja sebab anak tunggal kan.. But I did get few helps from government - takdelah cakap tak dpt langsung - like fuel subsidy, barang2 ruji yg ada subsidy tu.. And ya, buku teks pinjaman masa form 1 tu.. Ya.. But, takdelah kita mengharap bantuan orang je - Untuk hidup!
Bukanlah nak riak. Budak xde certs, degree pun x dpt lagi - what can you expect - kerja biasa2 je kot. Tak mewah tapi tak struggle la.. Alhamdulillah.. Cuma, before we seek for courtesy orang, why not kita put up our best efforts to settle issues (financial issues!), rather than meminta2.


Sophie-holic (Sophie Paris)

Sophie Paris memang best! I'm officially Sophie-holic!

Apadia Sophie Paris?

Sedikit sebanyak fakta menarik tentang Sophie Paris:

Sophie Paris adalah MLM pertama di Malaysia yang fokus kepada fashion. Alamak, belum apa2 dah cakap pasal MLM kan? Such a turn off! Well, apa2 pun it's something like shop, fashion and earn, all at the same time! So, MLM tak MLM, it's worth it!

- offers up-to-date design for handbags, wallets, accessories, clothings and etc in affordable prices
- founder in Indonesia. No. 1 brand in handbags in Indonesia - Sophie banyak menjadi sponsor costume kepada sinetron2 di Indonesia
- everything pink-in-colour!
- system direct selling yang sangat adil to upline, downline and the company itself
- baru masuk ke Malaysia in January 2012. So, if you're a member now, you are among the pioneer
- nak buat bisnes? Modal murah gila - RM15!! (and voila, you're a member for lifetime)
- Murah saja kan? Jadi, indirectly, dapat membantu menaikkan taraf kehidupan orang yang kurang berkemampuan (asalkan dia rajin)
- nak proper intro, visit www.sophieparis.com.my

Honestly, I'm dead serious about this business. Tak caya, tengok ni!

Goal : to set up Sophie Paris Business Centre in Pasir Gudang
Purpose : To make the product and the brand reachable for Johorean
Ultimate goal : To run my own business instead of working for somebody
Down-the-road goal : To own a mini MPV - Alza within year 2012

1. My catalogue is my mobile shop - will bring the catalogue averywhere I go
2. Networking is important - will always keep starter kits for people to join as member
3. Approach to at least a person a day to ask them to buy (don't worry, they either say YES, or NO, so, I take my chances)
4. Back and forth to JB-PGU-Bukit Indah for admin purpose, eg get starter kit, catalogue, pass up registration form and so on)
5. Been to Sophie Seminar in KL which was not free
6. Assist downline (as well as not downline pun) on almost any matter
7. Short term loan from a colleague for my first purchase in Sophie
8. Keep as detailed as possible for info of spending and earning, downline's info and so on
9. Indirect promote Sophie in Facebook
10. Talk to family and friends and never failed to mention Sophie Paris in conversation

Success is not a destination, but it's a journey. The journey so far, is not always silky smooth. Sophie has only one flagstore in Malaysia; in Petaling Jaya that is. As a licensed MLM company, Sophie is complied to government's regulation that every registration in direct selling business should have an original and physical signed form. So, setiap form perlulah dihantar ke KL. Nak beli barang sekarang pun susah sebab sekarang ni "boutique" hanya di PJ. Walaupun boleh post, tapi ada extra cost (RM15 @ consignment - no matter how many you order), which resulting almost all my downline tak purchase apa2 pun. So, kalau nak beli in more justifiable cost (boleh share2 shipping cost), kenalah kirim2 orang. Tapi, for me, it's nothing much cos I have bunch of relatives yang stay in KL. Not only that, limitation to internet access sedikit sebanyak restricted me to expand my business. Tu yang kalau boleh nak invest in Tablet. In addition to that, if let's say I nak pergi KL purposely hanya ke Sophie, memang agak payah - sebab my car does not support long distance travelling. That's why Alza comes into picture, anyway.
Bukan setakat itu, ada saja dugaan muncul sebelum ini. However, I acknowledged them as "what doesn't kill, makes me stronger".

I think I've got everything for me to gear up my own business now! Wish me luck and let's treasure the journey together!

On last note, how are you? ---- SOPHIE-LING GOOD!! SOPHIE-LING GREAT!!

C'est Ma Vie!

My home opis!

My first bag

My first watch

My first wallet - more to come, very soon!


Mama, hasn't lost her touch.... just yet!

She made me a marble cake just now, weee!!!!

And the best part was, when me and Mama in the kitchen menggodak adunan kek, together-GETHER! It was like we were having a girls' night-out together at our own house; in our own kitchen; doing what I love the most - baking....

Though it was just a marble cake (a pretty decent cake I must say, compared to number of cakes I made lately), but hey, my mum made it. And that's IT, a marble cake is enough to make me smile from ear to ear. Goodness, word just couldn't describe how happy she makes me feel right now.

God, the next time when we have that mother-daughter arguments, I will remember this moment (and the taste of it) and I will let her win, no matter how wrong she is.

Anyways, here are some tasteful pictures , taken immediately, freshly out from the oven:

I tell you guys, the pictures don't do much justice to it. In addition, blame me for the dull colouring as I told her not to put too much colour to it. Sorry!

Jeng3x... here's the secret recipe, finally revealed (chewah!)

3/4 from 250g of salted butter (she used Buttercup ONLY, how modest!)
1 cup of brown sugar
1 cup of tepung gandum 1Malaysia
1tbs vanilla essence
4 eggs (the cheapest grade in market)
secubit garam
1 tsb baking powder
Warna merah and dark cocoa for colouring

*Side note : she didn't even measure cautiously, main agak2 je dowh!

That's it! Prepare it like the usual cake, bake it at 160 degrees for 40 minutes (api bawah sahaja, letak in the middle, bottom letak tray - as advised by Cik Dilla kita) and voila....

Owh, I forgot the secret recipe - love, tender, care from a mum to her daughter!

Thanks Mama, love you mucho! #muahmuah

p/s: You can tell the cake is yummy when you finished the whole slice without even knowing it!
p/s/s : Now you know where I got the talent, don't you! It's in the blood. It's in the blood bebehh! (uwek, talent la sangat!)

Ok, I'm off to sleep - nice supper for my belly!


Jiwa Taiko (2012)

Jangan tanya kenapa, tapi tiba2 ter-bump into Jiwa Taiko kat Youtube. Best gila movie ni, nyesal tengok secara haram, patutnya pi panggung, tak pun beli kat Astro First kan? Serious, best!

(lama tak update blog. Malah, entry cake tu pun tak dicontinue pun, or is it discontinued? Tup2 cerita pasal Jiwa Taiko? Serious ke vice versa? )

Ok, I don't want to be a spoiler, macam spoiler kereta Myvi tu. Jadi, pengharapan nak tau jalan cerita memang yang ado! Saya nak cerita tentang aksi, morale and experience throughout the movie, mungkin sentuh sedikit pasal plot and something in between. Tapi, tak berani nak go into details, sebab saya admit saya bukan budak ASWARA. Obviously, this is a real action movie (finally) made by a Malaysian to fellow Malaysians. Filem Melayu untuk orang Malaysia. Hanya ada 2 scene solat, but other than that, you wouldn't have a clue that this a Malay movie if not for the language or the stars. A little correction though - kalau tengok pada pelakon, and buat voice over Bahasa Inggeris, mesti orang akan ingat ini adalah movie from Thailand, the Phillipines, or maybe from Indonesia. Dari Malaysia? - will be the last thing in mind! Dahlah, without further ado, let's begin with some of qualities presented and morale potrayed in this magnificient movie.

Ganas (in a positive way)
Wow. This movie is like Bruce Lee meets The Transporter meets Van Diesel then, on the way, meets pulak dengan Jackie Chan, say hi-hi bye-bye dengan Sivaji (The Boss). The sound effects were everything in place. It is intriguing to watch every scene that has the butt-kicking action in it. So real! And, similar to Hollywood action movies, there are no guns involved, strictly butt-kicking, keeping it real, bro! Owh, extra point for women-can-fight-too!

Seductivity (yet another controversial point, but read it in a positive way, please)
Alamak, I didn't mean to put it in a wrong way or something, and it's not about promoting anything sexual. Ala, if they are in love, a kiss won't kill the movie right? And the raba2 thing, and the smooching here and there - ala, all films in the world is doing it anyway, no harm what. It's not a taboo any longer what. Trust me, the scenes were not representing seduction, but just potraying what's real, showing how passionate they are, in love. Though, some people said sex sells, but this movie does not focus on that aspect. Because there were only about a couple of scenes je, like maybe 6 scenes, about that lah (look who's counting!!).

There are two sides of value here, good and bad. The bad one is when the gangster tu still looking for his long lost friend yang dah insaf and still persuade him to rejoice gituh dalam bisnes gangster-menggengster ni. It's bad but it happens in real life, dowh. The good one is the sacred friendship between members of Jiwa Cinta. In fact, they were willing to sacrifice love and pass boyfriend kat saeng dia sebab saeng dia cinta mati dengan balak dia (ups, spoiler). Not only that (spoiler incoming!) walaupun terlanjur, secret admirer dia sanggup promise jaga dia sampai bila2 walaupun dia sekarang tengah dok bercintan dengan ex-boyfriend kawan dia (eh, lost track - siapa dia?)

Did I mention that there were 2 scenes of sembahyang kan? And, at the end, Alhamdullillah, everything works well, kan? "Dalam sekelip mata, Tuhan anugerahkan kami seorang anak kecil dan merubah seluruh hidup kami menjadi manusia bertanggungjawab..." - voice over from Remy Ishak at the very end of the movie (so sexxxyyyy)

Sesungguhnya, semua ini hanyalah sarcasm. Kalau rasa nak mendalami kehidupan "real" seorang taiko, tengoklah. Who knows, it might be really happening to some people somewhere over the world, kan?

Sarcasm tak sarcasm, follows kritik baik punya!

"There goes, yet another masterpiece from sifu Osman Ali. Bro, lu memang taiko, sial!"
-Gerenti Tak Sarcasm

"Bro, you are on the right track, tahun depan mesti lu Emmy nomination siak!"
- Wartawan Filem Melayu Kan Best (bahagian Unit Rawatan Berita)

"Keep it real!
-Pengarah filem terkemuka (namanya dirahsiakan demi kesejahteraan dunia)

"Saya angkat bendera putih"
-jurucakap Shamsul Yusof

"Tobat buat filem ala2 Aku Masih Dara. Nak buat filem Kungfu lepas ni. Abang Osman Ali - you better watch out..."
- P.A Ahmad Idham

"Shamsul, pi masuk bilik. Jangan campoq hal rumahtangga orang"
-Datuk kepada Dato' Ucop Haslam 

Sekuci - dalam kenangan...

She has been gone few months ago.....tsk...
But, it is ensured that she will always hold a special place in my heart..

See, I even captured her in her favourite spot.

Cuci, you are always being missed...

Coming soon~~

More of The Body Shop shoppin'-shoppin'.

Contrary to my earlier entry, this is much more like the usual me. Me and The Body Shop relationship scandalicious. People says, a picture is worth a thousand words, so wordlessly, I present to you, this:

Nonetheless,some wordings here hihik. Papaya ones is from previous purchase. The pink ones and the purple ones, fresh from the oven!


The Avengers...and what-not!

I managed to watch The Avengers today with non other than mommahh! I'm not gonna review the movie in this entry though (spoiler is undetected), but the movie did okay in overall. By the way, I watched the 3D version and sadly, it was as if this is a low-budget movie, from the 3D effect point of view. They could have done better than that. However, just like I said earlier, the movie is fine, so go on and "SMASH IT!"
I actually want to write something that I'm not really that qualified to write or comment or what-so-ever; movies what-not!
No, I'm kidding!
Yeah, maybe a lil' bit of what-nots here, but, anyways~~~
FYI, it will be really, really kinda sucks if you are watching a movie and you are "neighbouring" with those people who laugh at just about anything during the movie. I mean c'mon guys. It is called "The Avengers" and not "Super Spontan The Movie" or "Dewarajalawakgiga Filem Lah Pulak"! I totally get it when sometimes serious film offers some hilarious moment. But you know what, I took it as if, YOU ARE NOT WATCHING THE MOVIE BUT YOU ARE ACTUALLY WAITING TO LAUGH TO ANYTHING THAT TICKLES YOU (even though I have no idea how it does !). And you know what, the most annoying thing is that, because of your annoying behaviour, I just could not recall which scene (more to scenes, duh!) that I can quote in this entry to prove that it was not that hilarious, yet you laughed; like LOL-ed!!
Okay. Okay! My bad! Anyway, I chose the most central and ideal seating because I managed to buy the ticket way earlier than I usually did. And, I also chose to divert from Tebrau City to Ulu Tiram Today's Mall (trying hard not to be judgmental...). It ended up, me and mom were being surrounded by your species! Man, I just dare not watching Super Spontan with you, as you may died LOL al the way. Because I don't to be a witness to your death because I really don't want to have any sort of connection with you, in any way!
Man, you are bad! You and your girlfriend and your guyfriend over there really, really got me mad. You know, on the way back, there was nothing that me and mom were talking about other than what you have done throughout the movie. And, needless to say, I rated The Avengers as okay movie just because of you, vangang!
Owh, you know how you sounded like when you laughed? You sounded like a donkey choked on cat's hairball, that is! A.Noy.Ying!
Eh, sometimes during the movie, I also giggled at something. Mind you, giggled - not ROFLMAO!
Dahlah, buang masa cakap pasal orang yang tak dikenali tu!     

Bila saya bosan di office

Buat entri cenggini kat opis, ngan statement kat subject cenggitu kan macam percubaan bunuh diri gituhh! Takpe2, mereka takkan stret membunuh, mesti mereka bagi kecaman keras dulu gituhh. Bersedialah kamu, Halima!

Bila saya bosan di office, saya akan rasa kurang selesa sebab perkara ini jarang2 berlaku. Ceh, bajet best employee of the year konon. Takdelah, bukan nak bajet best employee, cuma memang kerja memang sangat banyak sentiasa. Tak tahu kenapa, mungkin saya sendiri yang mis-manage masa kot! So, kiranya saat ini saya memang gilabeng pandai manage masa la ni, kan?

Bila saya bosan di office, saya mestilah melawat blogger saya. Tak la wajib, more to harus gituh! Tapi tak ada benda pulak nak dibualbicara. Jadi saya berangan2 nak memasukkan diri dalam pertandingan mencipta logo untuk compay baru kami di Sabah. Kalau menang RM500 dalam tangan tu! Pastu, apa lagi, saya mintak copyright la, ecehh! Jadi, saya pun recce2. Nampaknya saya perlu mendownload secara haram untuk software adobe photoshop untuk menjayakan misi saya ini. Eh, mana boleh download kat opis, kat straight to hell gituhh. Jadi, balik rumah lepas main bowling malam ni, saya akan memulakan project bernas 2.0 saya ni.

Jap, jap. Kenapa tak boleh download kat opis ea? Sebab banyak benda restricted kat sini. Sedangkan blogserius pun dah tak boleh view, klasss jah!!

P/S : princess of longkang in-waiting - malam ni - check it out bebehh!




Sejak itu makanku tak lalu
Masih lalu
Masakan badan kurang tipis?
Terbantut nafsu
Masih makan namun buntu

Sejak itu
Tangan tetap basah
Lidah dicelah-celah
Tapi, aku mengalah

Sejak itu
Hidup pun terganggu
Masih lagi buntu

Bukan cinta
Bukan juga cerita
Hanya permulaan suatu masa

Duduk ku tak senang
Diamku tak sepi
Tidurku --- masih lena, ironi

Aku tak perlu itu
Tak selesa
Masih makan
Masih tidur

Masih menggangu
Masih mencelah-celah
Sungguh, memang, sangat, tidak selesa

Tiada yang dapat faham
Tika gigi bongsu----- mula terpahat!
Sajak poyo dari : SelagiAda (2012)
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