More of The Body Shop shoppin'-shoppin'.

Contrary to my earlier entry, this is much more like the usual me. Me and The Body Shop relationship scandalicious. People says, a picture is worth a thousand words, so wordlessly, I present to you, this:

Nonetheless,some wordings here hihik. Papaya ones is from previous purchase. The pink ones and the purple ones, fresh from the oven!


The Avengers...and what-not!

I managed to watch The Avengers today with non other than mommahh! I'm not gonna review the movie in this entry though (spoiler is undetected), but the movie did okay in overall. By the way, I watched the 3D version and sadly, it was as if this is a low-budget movie, from the 3D effect point of view. They could have done better than that. However, just like I said earlier, the movie is fine, so go on and "SMASH IT!"
I actually want to write something that I'm not really that qualified to write or comment or what-so-ever; movies what-not!
No, I'm kidding!
Yeah, maybe a lil' bit of what-nots here, but, anyways~~~
FYI, it will be really, really kinda sucks if you are watching a movie and you are "neighbouring" with those people who laugh at just about anything during the movie. I mean c'mon guys. It is called "The Avengers" and not "Super Spontan The Movie" or "Dewarajalawakgiga Filem Lah Pulak"! I totally get it when sometimes serious film offers some hilarious moment. But you know what, I took it as if, YOU ARE NOT WATCHING THE MOVIE BUT YOU ARE ACTUALLY WAITING TO LAUGH TO ANYTHING THAT TICKLES YOU (even though I have no idea how it does !). And you know what, the most annoying thing is that, because of your annoying behaviour, I just could not recall which scene (more to scenes, duh!) that I can quote in this entry to prove that it was not that hilarious, yet you laughed; like LOL-ed!!
Okay. Okay! My bad! Anyway, I chose the most central and ideal seating because I managed to buy the ticket way earlier than I usually did. And, I also chose to divert from Tebrau City to Ulu Tiram Today's Mall (trying hard not to be judgmental...). It ended up, me and mom were being surrounded by your species! Man, I just dare not watching Super Spontan with you, as you may died LOL al the way. Because I don't to be a witness to your death because I really don't want to have any sort of connection with you, in any way!
Man, you are bad! You and your girlfriend and your guyfriend over there really, really got me mad. You know, on the way back, there was nothing that me and mom were talking about other than what you have done throughout the movie. And, needless to say, I rated The Avengers as okay movie just because of you, vangang!
Owh, you know how you sounded like when you laughed? You sounded like a donkey choked on cat's hairball, that is! A.Noy.Ying!
Eh, sometimes during the movie, I also giggled at something. Mind you, giggled - not ROFLMAO!
Dahlah, buang masa cakap pasal orang yang tak dikenali tu!     
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