Health concern

Just now, on our way to beli durian, we were bumped into free health check-up counter kat KipMart (ya, saya pengunjung tegar KipMart). Walaupun kami sering di'usha oleh kakak2 kat counter tu, selalunya I won't be interested (or maybe I was interested tapi perasaan gerun menggamit diri). 

But, this evening was a different story already. I decided, why not?! It was free, after all. 

Filled up the the form and began the test. First, it started off with measuring my weight and height. And too bad for me, the weighing scale was really kinda playing jokes with me, coz I 've never been that heavy my entire life! Ok, back to reality (-_-'), yup my weight is tremendously unsuspected (I know I'm demok, but give me a break la, not up till that kgs?!)

Ok, simply put, I'm demok sangat now. My height, definitely no changes. Sepatutnya selagi belum tumbuh wisdom tooth, kita berpeluang untuk tinggi lagi kan? Tapi apakan daya... (-_-')

Nuff about the "heaviness" and my "shortness"~~

I have a history of low BP few years back especially when I was a bit skinny. So, maybe I thought by increasing my weight, my BP will turn to normal. Unfortunately, here's the reality-check:

  • Tekanan Darah Masuk untuk Jantung - 104 (Bacaan biasa = 120 - 130)
  • Tekanan Darah Keluar - 69 (Bacaan biasa = 80 - 90)
  • Denyutan Jantung / Nadi - 86 (Bacaan biasa = 70 - 80)
  • Lemak Keseluruhan Badan - 37.0 (Bacaan biasa (P) = 20 - 29%)
  • Lemak Organ Dalaman - 21.1 (Bacaan biasa (P) = 15 KGS
Based on above result, I really confused on my kind of food intake yang sepatutnya I ambil. Tóutòng!!

And the worst part is, my mom's high BP. So, our diet ying gai bu yi yang, haiz!

Any solution or recommendation? 

We went back home with no durians in our hands (-_-')


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