Thanks Shazwany…

She's a blogger, a famous one; with over 1000 followers (and counting). Her fabulous blog : http://www.shazwanihamid.com/
This special entry is entirely made for her.
I know, this is long-overdue. But somehow, I manage to do this now, despite the unlimited resources and access (read : slow internet connection)
I got pretty excited and felt the temptation and the drive… to purchase the scarf that she sells through this entry. So I decided to email her and tried my luck as the scarf was very-very cheap : RM10.00 @ pc. And….

SHE REPLIED MY EMAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She's a celebrity blogger and she replied my email, TWICE!!! And she likes me!!
I don't really give it a damn that I didn't get to buy the scarf…. But SHE REPLIED MY EMAILS, and SHE LIKES ME!!!!
Definitely will try to respond earlier for any sales in the upcoming entries and hopefully, I will be lucky next time!
By the way, she's now at Maldives for a holiday… overzealouzz here!


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