Kenangan “Terindah” di Friendster

Berhabuk dan lemau!


Tulah yang terjadi pada account Friendster saya. Ahh, lantak! Sebab Friendster dah outdated sekarang ni. Tapi, this morning, I jumped into my friend's blog, her entry Peri Pentingnya Haiwan dalam Komunikasi. Dia sekarang tengah sexited (curi Nami punya glossary…), ok! Dia tengah excited mengupdate her brand new blog (do visit and then get addicted, for sure). Then, she mentioned about my email address which is biawaktegak (something something – sorry not going to reveal as this is a very inactive account, so-called sampah!). Then, it reminded me of my Friendster account, which admittedly is using this email address. So, this naïve girl just couldn't resist to check out my long lost account and excitedly to check out my long lost entries in my blog over there..

I have a feeling that I'll be copying and pasting all the entries here.. But then, this entry will be century long. So, I think I will do it in series episodes, with some insight comments of what had actually happened back then and the reasonable reason of why I has posted such entry on that particular day (or month…)


(please wait…. The entries are being read as we speak, speak???)


This was an entry back in June 2006.

Copy pasted from my own blog (do I need to credit myself here???)

lepas geram, ups… lepas boring jer…

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Well, skang kat tpt keje ni. All the HODs tgh dok meeting kat conference room. So it's my chance nak ngular. macam biase, ari Jumaat paling besh sbb halima super duper x bz, unless ade unwanted mails from customerla, that's a different story already. tapi yg fenting ari ni tak adaa!!
yeay, ari ni gaji!! tp bowing ar, bulan ni xde ot. xyah tgk payslip dah tau mesti kokap nyer! tapi xleh nak salahkan sesape.. sape suwoh ha5 x ot? tau2 kul 4.60 sharp dah terpacak dpn punch card. 5.05 dah berdezup kete gue tu (upss, not mine anymore)melewati jalan Jati5 nih. So, conclusion is - you get what you deservelah kan?
malas nak kompelin. Coz complaning is a bad habit. dok diam sudah, kan ha5. ha5 says, yap very the correct!!
Recently, i felt different. pas peristiwa 15th may ari tu, though i've got over it, tp the feeling is still there. time ni baru perasan that maut boleh dtg bile2 jer. as informed, malaikat maut jenguk kita 70 times/day!! tapi ape2 pun walaupun gue ntct gue tetap layaan jer lagu 'biarlah rahsia'… becoz, mcm related gituh. Only thing, the perspective might not be the same.
Hopefully, the changes will be for better. baru ingat, my target was to become a millionaire before i reach 30. But, come to think of it, as long as dapat hidup ngan tenang, takde utang, then klu nak pi vacation ade duit, that's good enough. cos, actually kite kaya untuk mengayakan orang lain kan(that's our waris, aight?) so, for me RM200k is adequate,what?
tapi memang peristiwa tu menjadikan aku lihat hidup dari celah yang lain. A totally different perspective! mungkin ade yang tak perasan dgn perubahan nih, and that is what I want. I don't want people to think that I ni x tabah, blablabla. Being happy is good, looking happy is good, what? And i'm happy!
cume kalau bleh, I would like to spent my time wisely. Maybe spare some of it to further study,ker.. bosan gak bile orang sumer cakap 'such a waste tak further with dat kind of result'. Actually, honestly, skang ni i'm not interested in studying. For me, experience is crucial enough. But to shut their mouth down , i akan study but later, very2 later.
'ha5, kenape buat something just to please diorang?' ha5 says, 'sometimes we must go with the flow and see how it goes…'
Tonight ade meeting pasai maa assurance. Wow, cabang baru for me. Hopefully yg ni pun menjadilah eh.
So, you guys yang bace my posting ni, klu nak beli insuran, i'm more than happy to jual. tapi give me sumtime to study the product first, eh!
Hemm.. seronok gak lepas tension, ups, boring kat sney. Ha… ape kate esok dtg keje buat keje tak bergaji ni? Tengoklah after appointment ngan kawan c's maz tu, she said die nak join uptrend.
So, later!

My insight:

Not sure about the "biarlah rahsia" thing. And bila masa pulak keretaku bertukar owner nihh??? Haha, MAA Ansurance and Uptrend, what an MLM and Pyramid System freak I was back then! Stupid!



Some thought to share, some experience to tell

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Hello Halima…


I didn't keep my promise to post articles last Sat, aight? Its okay, apology accepted coz who does care? It's my own blog nway! FUNNY!!


Perh, best giler tadi tengok match Germany vs Italia. And of course as per last 4 years, I still on Italy's side. Jangan mare… Memule tuh, ala2 dah terketuk kepalela coz no goals sampai additional time. Tapi minit2 terakhir tu, TERUJA sey. First goal, I cam tak percaye. I just lompat happy but after that, no reaction, it was like I don't know what's going on plus mulut ternganga!! But the second one really making me shocked. PERH… SUPERB!!!

Nuff said bout the victory (eceh). Though I sokong Italy, I tengok diorang main cengenglah. Kena lutut, meraung sakit kat mukelah (well, almost the same as what Ballack did, aight), kene senggol sket, dah tergolek ala2 cramp. Manje!! But, other than that, no comment sebab in my opinion diorang main, great! Maybe yg manje2 tu, their strategy.

Hopefully diorang will meet up with France. Coz, I'm mo into France (macam typical pompuan2 lain yg minat certain team coz certain player, duh!!), Zidane to be specific.. Kah!Kah!Kah! Actually, this brings me to talk about this next issue, which is TYPICAL women yang minat bola.

Walaupun cam ala2 terkena kat batang hidung mancungku sendri, I still want to say something. Bengang gak tadi pagi mase dengar Gitu2 Di ERA, apek cakap pasai subjek nilah.Well, I love Totti, Zidane, Ballack and recently C. Ronaldo (Portugal) coz their skills. Not their looks! Even dulu I pernah suke kat Ronaldinho. Die hensem,meh?

Yarh, I pernah minat kat Beckam tuh, coz die hensem, but that was then.,mase I minat giler ngan Spice Gurls (form 1 tuh). Now, it really depends on the performance, and of course teamwork. I even suke team Costa D'Ivory main. For me, skillful. Diorang hensem meh?!

End of that issue coz I ade something nak confess.

Actually, it has been like, 61, 62 matches? And to be honest actually I cume tengok like, 4 to 5 games jerk. And, if you said typical girl 'ha, cam nilah!!' then yap, I memang cam tu. But I have my own reasons. First, I tak sanggup nak stay up late for more than a month to catch all becoz now I yg tido cukup ni pun dah panda-bear mata, nak suruh tak tido langsung?! Forget it!! Second reason, I takde company nak tengok sebab since pindah to Masai, I tak jumpe those yg bleh accompany me and furthermore, mama, mak long tok, all veteran WOMEN, memang I'll be out of this world klu diorang nak temankan. Then, kat Bi-Link ni, cam tak demam jerk. Not like Services – die punyer aura tuh, perh, sampai tak bleh kejelah, bet ya'll! The other reason, for me it is just a waste of time dok menangok kat mamak's to catch all the games. Tengok yg penting2 dahlah.

I think that's it for now. Skang ni nak buat persediaan fizikal & mental nak tengok 2 more matches. Ahaks, some people dah immune, Halima baru nak start the vaccination!!

Anyway, talking bout companion, I would like to thank Angah (though he might not aware of this). But if somehow you do, jangan nak perasan. Saye tak perlu pemangkin positive untuk bola (berlagaklah plak, mcm fanatic je…) Cakap pasai this guy, I pity him a lot jugak. Memule tu tak perasan sangat, but after watched Oprah yesterday pasai 'he just not that into you!' rase cam bersalah je. But lelaki & perempuan, of course the motive is definitely not the same, tapi tempias tuh…Dah le tuh, bak kate Too Phat dolu2, skoo the nonsense!!

Anyway, tonight just can't wait…

So long, guys!


My insight:


Lepas tu yang kes Angah tu, hahaha rasanya dia dah kawen. Sorry guys, I refuse to comment further on this, "as I just not that into him"…



The next one:

Ketika keseorangan di office, ketika mereka sumer meeting, halima…

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Sejak dr semalam feeling bored sesangat. Of course, semalam Sunday mood was affecting me. That's y. tapi yg paling bengang bile boss gue bagi lecture lak. She was doing it at the very wrong timing. Bukan tak suke to be criticized, tapi dengan mood yang semalam tu, dengan kerja yang bertambun and she's well noted about that.. die masih lagi nak suarakan ketidakpuasan die towards me. Well, klu betul x puas hati, then terminate me!! Nak cite pasai tak puas ati konon…

Sepatutnyer, I yg tak puas hati. Buat kerje manager level, gaji clerk level!! But then, she's talking about my attitude plak. Logic sketlah. Macam kitorang ni bodoh sangat, aku replace most of Yong's job scope. And his vacancy ade kuar kat jobstreet dulu. And guess what, die tulis kat situ, the salary is rm5k. And you expect me, yg tak tau position ape, even I'm confused about my dept, dengan gaji yang seciput siput tuh – nak ganti kerje die at the same time still continue dengan my normal job. HELLO!! Ape ke bende ni!!well memang, she was talking about absorbing, ups, going to absorb customer service job. Fine! But yang klaka dengan a lot of meeting that she needs to attend to, die expect die boleh reply all the customer's e-mail, complaints, schedule, orders. Then, of course to sume nak urgent action. Then klu Halima buat bodoh je, perh tau lak marah Halima. Yang sume customer ni pun satu, sume bg mails starting with, 'hi halima,', walaupun dah remind diorang few times to put her name in the loop, tapi seems like maybe diorang pun tau kot, sure lambat respon. Ahaks. Then, she mentioned about she's really appreciate all my contribution. She said everybody can see that I'm capable of taking that responsibility. Even, corporate pun kenal sape budak kecik Halima tu. And, she mentioned about her appreciation tuh, like, 2-3-4 times. Alamak, dengan yong dulu pun, macam2 die puji. But tu just boss punyer politics, like nak psycho jer. Macam Halima tak tau. Even, lau was revealing that secret himself dekat aku. For me, pujilah gue tinggi mane pun, kalau pujian tuh tak beserta ngan duit (this case of course increamentlah), takde maknenye. Like I said pujilah for all I care!! Tolonglah, Halima has been doing 75% of Yong's job for almost 3 months. No news pun. I think I deserve that 75% of 5k each month, tht should be 3k per month as a present jek. Alamak, malas Halima nak bergaji banyak tu. Nanti responsibility macam GM lak. Actually, Halima suke her way of doing her job. I'm satisfied. And I appreciate it a lot, coz she's doing way too better than yong, obviously. Tapi, the thing yang I tak suke, her assistant tu pun salary die, mak datuk nyer type. Responsibility almost like me. Tapi, her salary is double from what I earn. Tapi, malas nak compare ngan orang lain. Boring. Yang penting, the company should pay me as per my contribution, bukannye ikut warna kulit. Even mangkuk yang pada Halima bodoh sebab kerje sini walhal he was at a very good position at his previous company tu pun – barulah recently di upkan jadi manager. Kesian, bodoh sangat. Die good at his work, tapi sebab die bukan putih, though corporate loves him, the management yang berlainan warna kulit tu yang make the decision. Lagi skali, kesian!! Penatlah kerje sini. Ingat nak cari kerje around PG. dekat sket ngan umah. Jimat sket duit minyak. Tapi I some kind of actually know what the management want. Diorang suke kalau kite dengan rela hati quit. Then, they'll simply replace me dengan orang yang sewarna dengan diorang, like I don't know. And my intention was I don't want to give them what they want. Cam Yong,kan at last die the one yang quit. Though aku ni bukan the biggest reasonlah. But I know I was one of it. Luckily skang ni ade back up sket, you know with uptrend and the rest. Tapi, I don't wanna be typical malay yang – baru dapat sket dah berenti kerje. For me, tak macholah…herm, cam ner nak respond with good attitude bile kite disuruh buat kerja yang confirm memang bukan kerja kite, tapi kite nak tolak kerje tuh, eq? I know, die bengang sebab I tolak kerje. But no matter what I still love you. You have what it takes to be idolized. She's good. Anyway, bestlah dengan management baru ni, diorang asyek meeting jek, halima very seldom involve dengan meeting. Kalau dulu time yong, manje. Sume meeting nak accompanied by halima. Time Sam Koh, he loved the way I handle things compared to Yong, then I also involved in a lot of meeting including meeting ngan mat saleh-mat saleh yang gue kureng paham hap eke bende alah diorang cakap. But now, bagus, si Francis tuh ikut hierarchy. Ade ape2 masalah ngan aku, he'll find my boss instead. Good!!i'm meeting Tina tonight. habislah die. sure die kene dengar sume nih! n lah. Penat type.

Ketika keseorangan di office, ketika mereka sumer meeting, halima…posting a blog…

My insight:

Tak habis2 complaint, complaint and more complaint! Part tak boleh blah bila Halima puji Barrack Obama, padahal masa tu Halima tak tau Barrack Obamalah sebab utama Halima berhenti kerja ni dulu. As, I didn't realized that I was so into racism back then? Hisy, mana mungkin?



Cukuplah setakat ni dulu. Kalau ye pon aku sorang je yang baca. Anyway, kinda proud of how I represent all the stories and complaints. Because at that time, I have no influential from any other bloggers. So, my writing is 90% coming from me and no tiru2 gaya bahasa sesiapa. Originality guaranteed, babe!


~~till next episode~~


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