Apa Status Sebenar Saya

I know I know, I dah lama tak update blog ni kan? Don't worry, the owner is still around, blog walking religiously, on almost at daily basis. However, the less visited page – obviously is this crappy page, needless to say.

Perghhh, tadi on the way balik rumah, Pasir Gudang highway menghala ke Perling jam teruk. The whole lanes were being blocked by bunch of bomba people. Mungkin baru je lepas accident tu dan accident tu mesti serious sangat. The jam started even farther than Masai flyover. Rasanya lebih dari Pasir Gudang flyover jugak even. Lucky I was on the opposite direction. Line clear! Tapi jakunismanya saya melihat kereta dan segala macam kenderaan stuck tak jalan langsung. I felt like I want to shout at them -"YOU BETTER TAKE A GOOD NAP IN YOUR CAR TILL THE JAM IS OVER!" Well, memandangkan Cik Halima ni baik, maka dimesejnya bakal bos yang bekerja di Pasir Gudang supaya membatalkan niat untuk pulang awal kerana it's not such a very brilliant idea to do so. If she insists to, then she better opts for going back via highway bertol RM4.00++.

Adakah jem ini berkaitan dengan status saya? Tidak.


Oh ya. Speaking of my bakal bos – yup, I'm resigning from my current forwarding company and I'll be joining a new company – a kilang; courtesy of my ex boss whose going to be my boss in less than two weeks time. From Telemarketing to Planner… Actually it is more to Planner to Telemarketing then back to Planner. Sounds pretty good aight that I'm going back to the field that I'm more familiar with, having more experience at – but I foresee bigger challenges ahead, and pretty smelly challenges too (yuck!)

Adakah ini berkaitan dengan status saya? Tidak.


Oh ya. Last week, I went for my friend's wedding dekat Batu Pahat. Guess what, considering the glamorous lifestyle she's having coupled with her glamorous carrier she's holding on to – I thought that her wedding was pretty simple. Don't take it in a wrong way, though – simple is good, but I mean, considering… Frankly, I liked it! Keep it simple and it will be less tedious. Owh, I was going there with besties Shaz and Tina and Liza. Over there, met up with Fafa and family. And poor Shaz; the driver. Our driver!

Owh, I better say sorry (on behalf of the stupid facebook) to my friends; here in this crappy page as I still unable to upload the gambar-tak-cukup-sifat tu. I mean, I still couldn't even change my profile picture for goodness sake, what more can I say?!

Adakah wedding itu berkaitan dengan status saya? Tidak.


Wait wait! I've done a good deed as well. I sincerely has given away my broadband to one of my besties in the world – Puan Tina! And I feel good about it. Unlike here in kawasan ulu, I believe she receives better internet connection via that Maxis broadband, based on her positive feedback she has given just few days ago. And guess what? She can keep it for good, as long as she pays the monthly bill on time, no pressure! Happy story's aside – Me? I'm staying with this utterly stupid bloody fool damn super slowest faktab dial-up TMNet internet connection! I'm keeping it real, people! But who knows, I might be considering to pay up the outstanding balance of RM1000+++ of my TMNet account to stay survive in this virtual world (I believe the balance is closed to RM2000, every time I got the bill I couldn't care less to even touch it, let alone open it to check. We'll see how later)

Adakah perkara-perkara berkaitan internet ni, berkaitan dengan status saya? Tidak.





I'm now trying to get all the strength that I got to end my relationship with the person that I might puji habis-habisan earlier on, on this crappy page. To be honest, the relationship is on the rocks anyway these few months since the car accident incident, and it keeps getting worse and worse. I hope despite all the sesi pujuk-memujuk, I will not give in and I will stand for this final decision – SINGLE IS BETTER! And I quote one of my colleague is saying "Halima, better don't kawen"


God, guide me!


Till next mumble, toodles~



t-na said...

alamak! drpd 350words tu..50 je cite psl status..hampeh! =P

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