Sophie-holic (Sophie Paris)

Sophie Paris memang best! I'm officially Sophie-holic!

Apadia Sophie Paris?

Sedikit sebanyak fakta menarik tentang Sophie Paris:

Sophie Paris adalah MLM pertama di Malaysia yang fokus kepada fashion. Alamak, belum apa2 dah cakap pasal MLM kan? Such a turn off! Well, apa2 pun it's something like shop, fashion and earn, all at the same time! So, MLM tak MLM, it's worth it!

- offers up-to-date design for handbags, wallets, accessories, clothings and etc in affordable prices
- founder in Indonesia. No. 1 brand in handbags in Indonesia - Sophie banyak menjadi sponsor costume kepada sinetron2 di Indonesia
- everything pink-in-colour!
- system direct selling yang sangat adil to upline, downline and the company itself
- baru masuk ke Malaysia in January 2012. So, if you're a member now, you are among the pioneer
- nak buat bisnes? Modal murah gila - RM15!! (and voila, you're a member for lifetime)
- Murah saja kan? Jadi, indirectly, dapat membantu menaikkan taraf kehidupan orang yang kurang berkemampuan (asalkan dia rajin)
- nak proper intro, visit www.sophieparis.com.my

Honestly, I'm dead serious about this business. Tak caya, tengok ni!

Goal : to set up Sophie Paris Business Centre in Pasir Gudang
Purpose : To make the product and the brand reachable for Johorean
Ultimate goal : To run my own business instead of working for somebody
Down-the-road goal : To own a mini MPV - Alza within year 2012

1. My catalogue is my mobile shop - will bring the catalogue averywhere I go
2. Networking is important - will always keep starter kits for people to join as member
3. Approach to at least a person a day to ask them to buy (don't worry, they either say YES, or NO, so, I take my chances)
4. Back and forth to JB-PGU-Bukit Indah for admin purpose, eg get starter kit, catalogue, pass up registration form and so on)
5. Been to Sophie Seminar in KL which was not free
6. Assist downline (as well as not downline pun) on almost any matter
7. Short term loan from a colleague for my first purchase in Sophie
8. Keep as detailed as possible for info of spending and earning, downline's info and so on
9. Indirect promote Sophie in Facebook
10. Talk to family and friends and never failed to mention Sophie Paris in conversation

Success is not a destination, but it's a journey. The journey so far, is not always silky smooth. Sophie has only one flagstore in Malaysia; in Petaling Jaya that is. As a licensed MLM company, Sophie is complied to government's regulation that every registration in direct selling business should have an original and physical signed form. So, setiap form perlulah dihantar ke KL. Nak beli barang sekarang pun susah sebab sekarang ni "boutique" hanya di PJ. Walaupun boleh post, tapi ada extra cost (RM15 @ consignment - no matter how many you order), which resulting almost all my downline tak purchase apa2 pun. So, kalau nak beli in more justifiable cost (boleh share2 shipping cost), kenalah kirim2 orang. Tapi, for me, it's nothing much cos I have bunch of relatives yang stay in KL. Not only that, limitation to internet access sedikit sebanyak restricted me to expand my business. Tu yang kalau boleh nak invest in Tablet. In addition to that, if let's say I nak pergi KL purposely hanya ke Sophie, memang agak payah - sebab my car does not support long distance travelling. That's why Alza comes into picture, anyway.
Bukan setakat itu, ada saja dugaan muncul sebelum ini. However, I acknowledged them as "what doesn't kill, makes me stronger".

I think I've got everything for me to gear up my own business now! Wish me luck and let's treasure the journey together!

On last note, how are you? ---- SOPHIE-LING GOOD!! SOPHIE-LING GREAT!!

C'est Ma Vie!

My home opis!

My first bag

My first watch

My first wallet - more to come, very soon!


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