Mama, hasn't lost her touch.... just yet!

She made me a marble cake just now, weee!!!!

And the best part was, when me and Mama in the kitchen menggodak adunan kek, together-GETHER! It was like we were having a girls' night-out together at our own house; in our own kitchen; doing what I love the most - baking....

Though it was just a marble cake (a pretty decent cake I must say, compared to number of cakes I made lately), but hey, my mum made it. And that's IT, a marble cake is enough to make me smile from ear to ear. Goodness, word just couldn't describe how happy she makes me feel right now.

God, the next time when we have that mother-daughter arguments, I will remember this moment (and the taste of it) and I will let her win, no matter how wrong she is.

Anyways, here are some tasteful pictures , taken immediately, freshly out from the oven:

I tell you guys, the pictures don't do much justice to it. In addition, blame me for the dull colouring as I told her not to put too much colour to it. Sorry!

Jeng3x... here's the secret recipe, finally revealed (chewah!)

3/4 from 250g of salted butter (she used Buttercup ONLY, how modest!)
1 cup of brown sugar
1 cup of tepung gandum 1Malaysia
1tbs vanilla essence
4 eggs (the cheapest grade in market)
secubit garam
1 tsb baking powder
Warna merah and dark cocoa for colouring

*Side note : she didn't even measure cautiously, main agak2 je dowh!

That's it! Prepare it like the usual cake, bake it at 160 degrees for 40 minutes (api bawah sahaja, letak in the middle, bottom letak tray - as advised by Cik Dilla kita) and voila....

Owh, I forgot the secret recipe - love, tender, care from a mum to her daughter!

Thanks Mama, love you mucho! #muahmuah

p/s: You can tell the cake is yummy when you finished the whole slice without even knowing it!
p/s/s : Now you know where I got the talent, don't you! It's in the blood. It's in the blood bebehh! (uwek, talent la sangat!)

Ok, I'm off to sleep - nice supper for my belly!


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