Jiwa Taiko (2012)

Jangan tanya kenapa, tapi tiba2 ter-bump into Jiwa Taiko kat Youtube. Best gila movie ni, nyesal tengok secara haram, patutnya pi panggung, tak pun beli kat Astro First kan? Serious, best!

(lama tak update blog. Malah, entry cake tu pun tak dicontinue pun, or is it discontinued? Tup2 cerita pasal Jiwa Taiko? Serious ke vice versa? )

Ok, I don't want to be a spoiler, macam spoiler kereta Myvi tu. Jadi, pengharapan nak tau jalan cerita memang yang ado! Saya nak cerita tentang aksi, morale and experience throughout the movie, mungkin sentuh sedikit pasal plot and something in between. Tapi, tak berani nak go into details, sebab saya admit saya bukan budak ASWARA. Obviously, this is a real action movie (finally) made by a Malaysian to fellow Malaysians. Filem Melayu untuk orang Malaysia. Hanya ada 2 scene solat, but other than that, you wouldn't have a clue that this a Malay movie if not for the language or the stars. A little correction though - kalau tengok pada pelakon, and buat voice over Bahasa Inggeris, mesti orang akan ingat ini adalah movie from Thailand, the Phillipines, or maybe from Indonesia. Dari Malaysia? - will be the last thing in mind! Dahlah, without further ado, let's begin with some of qualities presented and morale potrayed in this magnificient movie.

Ganas (in a positive way)
Wow. This movie is like Bruce Lee meets The Transporter meets Van Diesel then, on the way, meets pulak dengan Jackie Chan, say hi-hi bye-bye dengan Sivaji (The Boss). The sound effects were everything in place. It is intriguing to watch every scene that has the butt-kicking action in it. So real! And, similar to Hollywood action movies, there are no guns involved, strictly butt-kicking, keeping it real, bro! Owh, extra point for women-can-fight-too!

Seductivity (yet another controversial point, but read it in a positive way, please)
Alamak, I didn't mean to put it in a wrong way or something, and it's not about promoting anything sexual. Ala, if they are in love, a kiss won't kill the movie right? And the raba2 thing, and the smooching here and there - ala, all films in the world is doing it anyway, no harm what. It's not a taboo any longer what. Trust me, the scenes were not representing seduction, but just potraying what's real, showing how passionate they are, in love. Though, some people said sex sells, but this movie does not focus on that aspect. Because there were only about a couple of scenes je, like maybe 6 scenes, about that lah (look who's counting!!).

There are two sides of value here, good and bad. The bad one is when the gangster tu still looking for his long lost friend yang dah insaf and still persuade him to rejoice gituh dalam bisnes gangster-menggengster ni. It's bad but it happens in real life, dowh. The good one is the sacred friendship between members of Jiwa Cinta. In fact, they were willing to sacrifice love and pass boyfriend kat saeng dia sebab saeng dia cinta mati dengan balak dia (ups, spoiler). Not only that (spoiler incoming!) walaupun terlanjur, secret admirer dia sanggup promise jaga dia sampai bila2 walaupun dia sekarang tengah dok bercintan dengan ex-boyfriend kawan dia (eh, lost track - siapa dia?)

Did I mention that there were 2 scenes of sembahyang kan? And, at the end, Alhamdullillah, everything works well, kan? "Dalam sekelip mata, Tuhan anugerahkan kami seorang anak kecil dan merubah seluruh hidup kami menjadi manusia bertanggungjawab..." - voice over from Remy Ishak at the very end of the movie (so sexxxyyyy)

Sesungguhnya, semua ini hanyalah sarcasm. Kalau rasa nak mendalami kehidupan "real" seorang taiko, tengoklah. Who knows, it might be really happening to some people somewhere over the world, kan?

Sarcasm tak sarcasm, follows kritik baik punya!

"There goes, yet another masterpiece from sifu Osman Ali. Bro, lu memang taiko, sial!"
-Gerenti Tak Sarcasm

"Bro, you are on the right track, tahun depan mesti lu Emmy nomination siak!"
- Wartawan Filem Melayu Kan Best (bahagian Unit Rawatan Berita)

"Keep it real!
-Pengarah filem terkemuka (namanya dirahsiakan demi kesejahteraan dunia)

"Saya angkat bendera putih"
-jurucakap Shamsul Yusof

"Tobat buat filem ala2 Aku Masih Dara. Nak buat filem Kungfu lepas ni. Abang Osman Ali - you better watch out..."
- P.A Ahmad Idham

"Shamsul, pi masuk bilik. Jangan campoq hal rumahtangga orang"
-Datuk kepada Dato' Ucop Haslam 


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