Selamat datang bunga April

Wah tajuk - pun boleh!

Bila Halima bercakap dengan Halima, beginilah bunyi dialognya, "Jom update blog!"
And immediately she replies, "Jom minum CoolBlog, lagi best!"

Yes, I love CoolBlog just because it is pink in korourr!

Jom cerita pasal hari ni. Hari ni remarks for the first time - me attending to an Indian wedding. Syok gila, gamat suasana. Tapi sayang, if we were there a bit earlier, we could enjoy the whole ceremony - tukar saree and so on. But anyhow, it was fun, no doubt about it. 

Owh, went together with BFF Tina and her hubby, and my mom. Met a lot of long lost ex-classmates, and being a clumsy Halima, the usual me, I have unintentionally, forgotten who they are. Silly me!

Right after that, me and Tina went our separate ways. I went to Jusco Tebrau with one, and only one intention only - to buy some novels (konon2 buat penghilang bosan bila saya buat rebonding soon, elllleeehhhh! But yeah, I did buy some novels, yeah~~ *angguk-angguk, geleng-geleng*

Sebenarnya bukan itu sahaja. Ada lagi - Marshmallows for Breakfast by Dorothy Koomson (it was on sale - only RM 9.90 - mesti ceritanya tak best kan?), Bicara Hati (bought for Mama, just because the novel transformed into drama series gituhh), and some stationery, macam budak sekolah gamaknya!

Kaedahnya, saja nak bagitahu, tak sabar nak finish all 'em off! Dah banyak dah koleksi Buku Fixi saya dah punya (haha, ayat! Pun boleh!)

Babe, not only did I go to Harris, I also, for the first time ate a very tasteful pizza at El Migos - gilabeng best! But, henpon low batt, so tak dapat nak capture picture, just browse em through their brochure (pantun pulakk!). It has been announced publicly, or at least numerous times to me that their pizza is the best in town. Baru hari ni dapat chances merasa, and they have proven their statement right! And, Mama pun enjoyed the pizza so mucho!

Owh, right after that we went to The Body Shop, err , shop. Kata, avid user kan! Niat mesti suci murni, just nak redeem voucher yang hampir expired. Tapi, hamek bagian!!

There's a foundation, EDT perfume, sponge, lip gloss, a very natural mascara, a facial cleanser, and a make-up base cream. Hihik, tak boleh blah alas meja munga-munga.

Wait, wait!

Halima pakai cleanser The Body Shop? Since when? *kerut dahi sampai kerepot*

Since just now! Well, I was, or rather, I am, still a consumer of Olay's White Radiance skin care products. Tapi, I will eventually going to change it to The Body Shop's ones. Not that Olay's not good. They are superb, to say the least. I mean, I didn't turn so much whiter la, tapi, I think radiant tu adalah! Cuma, mungkin The Body Shop's ones can do better kan.. Or, maybe just because of the Sales Assistant dia yang super best (with the name of Ms. Zam). Or maybe, just because two customers before me had made purchases of those skin care products (silly reason to spend money! Errghhhh).

Owh, the perfume and sponge are for Mama. Mama dah ada perfume Cherry apa ntah from The Body Shop jugak, tapi still nak lagi walhal perfume tu baru je beli early this year! Saja je lah tu!!

Ironically, selamat datang bunga April equals to bye bye money honey!

Owh ya, earlier last week I just realized that saya dah tumbuh gigi bongsu! Maknanya, saya dah tua kerepot. And that's why I need my dose of Vitamin C from The Body Shop (make an ugly sound to this).

 Last week (around there la, can't recall sangat), I bought this to redeem earlier voucher:

Original price : RM 15.90 (over-priced price, I must say), with the voucher, I'm it's owner only at RM0.90! On the same day, I had actually wanted to update my blog. But since I live in a very rural area yang terkongkong ini, internet saya breakdown katanya. So, memang tak...la kan!


 Tata for now. Muah muah.


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