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Is life fair?

NST - Aug 5, 2010

MANY have complained that life is not fair at all. Some may be too busy to think about this but it is time for most of us whiners to start looking at this from a different perspective - how unfair could life be after all?

Man, with his greed and materialistic views, has often been blinded to the feelings of gratitude and contentment, mainly because he is often lamenting about the problems he faces.

* If you were to list these it would take the form of:

- Unsightly acne (it's the end of the world!)

- Excessive body tissue

- Annoying idiosyncrasies

- Weird facial expressions (I can't smile the right way)

- Awkward body postures (body parts protruding at the wrong places)

These are perhaps just a minute fraction of the common "problems" most of us teens are lamenting about, too. Don't you agree that they make us feel like we're the most miserable lot in the whole wide world?

* Sadly, the adults would think otherwise. For them, nothing is the end of the world except:

- Global economic crisis

- A dented car (it's only a year old... my baby!)

- Exposed extramarital affairs

- Sudden increase in publicity from eye-boggling self-portraits

- White/grey hair

Although we can claim that many of us are stuck with incoherent situations or struck with unfortunate happenings, have we looked at the big picture? How about taking a look at our African comrades?

* Let's look at the problems they face right now:

- No food

- No drinks

- No car

- No pets

- No clothes

- No phones

- No home

- No electronic gadgets

- No bodily fats (at all)

- Barely distinguishable body shapes

- Extreme hunger

My friends, what were the "problems" we were lamenting about again?

By Fan Ray Aun, 16,

Kuala Lumpur


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