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Not much of an intro of myself; as far as the title of this post is concerned. This is not the place for me to share my personal life to public (I'll try my best to resist the temptation to). However, with respect to this new experience of mine, I should provide some insights of what exactly has made me to initiate this; my own cyber space. Here it goes..


Long ago, I used to have a blog, in a social network website, Friendster. But as we are all aware, the site is no longer a phenomenon now. Everybody has turned into Facebook and Twitter instead. I was in the same wavelength as well. As a result, my blog is left unattended.

A bit info about myself - I am working in a private company and at the same time I'm also a part time student in one of the open university in Malaysia.

Back to my story. It was about two to three months ago, I got myself busy - reading some blogs - about economy, politics, and sometimes personal and entertainment issues. I have made myself a follower for one particular blog. It is full of love stories (the author claimed that it's totally the opposite). The blog is actually dedicated to her love ones. And the best thing about the blog is not about the story - it's about how she expresses it. No doubt, it's lovey-dovey, but the way she uses the words makes the readers wonder - how damn lucky he is for having her as his girlfriend!

I don’t consider I’m such a romantic person. However, reading through all her stories, makes me feel like I was living in a princess world. And another plus point is she was a graduate student from oversea and it makes perfect sense that the words she uses are very sophisticated. So all in all, the stories are reflecting whom I’d never be it’s really whom I want to be but will never be.

I’ve signed in to this blogger or blogspot for about two months or so. But as a student, I’ve to resist the temptation to post anything here as I was supposed to focus on my exams. So I just put this on hold for a little while. Now, the exam is over and--

Here I am; blogging after for so many years.

I want to take this opportunity to remind me that I must make myself clear that I’m responsible on everything that I put in this blog; or rather anywhere in this cyber space. On that note, careful of what we intend to say!!

Bravo for a good start.


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