The following is the story that I supposed to post here before, but since the setting was not that satisfying at that moment, I had decided to post it on Facebook instead.

For personal satisfaction, I'd like to do what I should have done before... hit it!

Catch it while stocks last; Danga City Mall 4-6 June (the EXPO building though, as I was a bit lost gak tadikk, first time here since the change from Best World to City Mall)

What you can say about women and chocolate? I’d say, MAGNETIC!! I’m not sure, but at times like this, some time in a month (which most women will understand; can relate to), chocolate is the best treatment EVER. Some say shopping, but shopping for chocolate is like Heaven on Earth! Just put aside our diet plan for a while, chocolate is irresistible. Personally, it is far way better-feelings that falingl in love with the wrong man. Wayyy better (apelah, ofkoslah).This is the best ever. It was so unbelievable that they were all surrounding me. Obsession. Possession. CONFUSION!! So many chocolate and; never thought it’ll be so many that I brought home too. And guess what; I also got the opportunity learning some itsy bitsy tiny bit of Russian language besides testing and tasting and wanting the chocolate.Unbelievable. And, it also considered lucky for me, as I was doing this craziness-madness alone - if I were with somebody else, this will be the most embarrassing moment in my life. Ever! It’s like; I’m not behaving like myself right now. I mean I was talking to my chocolates on my way home, what can you say bout that!

I just had my HRM exam earlier this afternoon (almost forgotten). All the stress from not able to answer the questions; just because the habit of last minute study and still thinking that, hey Halima's brain can absorb all of that last-minute revision at once, crazy; all of that disappear, when chocolate hit my taste buds. People says, if something went wrong, there is a price we have to pay. This (the purchase of THE beloved choc.o.late.s) is like the advance payment if I fail in my exam. I’m not looking forward to fail, but the possibility is still there~~Goodness, my friend, I mean my BFF; you know that I have some kinda financial planning this year. But look at what I spent my money on. I mean, when it comes to chocolate, everything else just don’t make sense! And, BFF, tell me who is the chocolate maniac now, ha? You didn’t see that comin’, aight?

And, unfortunately, to my auntie, hehe whose I still owe her RM400++, sorry, she’ll have to wait another one more month for the repayment (Included in this note, just to make myself feel less guilty..)

And the plan for adopting a cat in SPCA – owh, my brain JUST cannot take the pressure. Chocolate, cat, chocolate, cat – which one should come first? Argh, it hurts just to think of it.

This event came too early than the kick-off of my own blog. Yes, I’ve my own blog already! It’s just still an empty space in this cyber world currently. Well, I’m not going to promote it, but you guys may or may not check that out later. I was thinking, this should be my first posting; overriding the article that I’ve prepared before, but this thing; can't wait~~

And this chocolate thing, I think it is way better feeling-good feeling than it was back in Secondary school – whereby lepak kat CS or mase kat GS duluhh lepak kat Best World and beli chocolate. Those were luxurious, this is EXCLUSIVE.OK. Enuff already! Better get back to my Communication and Computer!! Or rather – better get back to my cho ko la’ tae

... yes, I'm mad about chocolate


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