Living with hyperhidrosis

I know that it is out of my league to discuss about something serious like health issues. All I have to say is I am among the millions suffering from this illness. I know I may sound a bit dramatic by using the words suffering and illness in one sentence but to those who live with it, may know that those words are not enough to express how uncomfortable life is living with it. Ok, I'd leave the explaining portion to the experts - click here and here for more info about hyperhidrosis. For me, living with this condition has somehow or rather affected my social life. I feel uneasy to attend any functions like kenduri, majlis perkahwinan, dinner or anything like that.

First, because it is hard for me to find the suitable and at the same time comfortable clothes to put on. Who says those glamorous baju kurungs are comfy? So, for us, it'll be like living in hell!

Second, shaking hands are part of the routine when we first met people. So, sweating palm leads to - lack of confidence instantly (not instantly, even before the shaking hands are taking place). It is really funny when I always received comments such as "sejuknye tangan. Ni mesti kat kereta bukak aircond kuat-kuat, kan?" I'm like, of course i bukak aircond kuat-kuat, thinking about this majlis and the fact that I'm about to meet and greet people - hek I'm sweating like hell!

Third, what kind of shoes should I wear? the covered one is fine with me as long as I don't have to take it off to enter the house. But what if the majlis is held inside the house? So, I should wear something like high heels or some kind of slippers? Oops, I forgot, it is going to be a very slippery ride for me then. To top it all off, sometimes it has occurred to me that these bare feet might have some uncomfortable smells that I might not be aware of because I live with it all my life that if in fact my feet do smell, the people surrounding me would be thinking that this girl is having some hygienic issues that we should avoid being near to her to give her some kinda hints that 'Girl, you could use some showers!'

Owh, and forth, don't forget about the melting make-up on my face!

So, so far did I avoid attending any functions? Nope, I've been to most functions that I was invited to. Yes, the feel of 'insecurity' is always there, but it's not like I have to be a loner just because of I sweat excessively! I should leave the hardest part of all of this to my BFF to let me know IF in fact - I do smell!

Owh, don't get me started on exams, interviews... and also; dating!


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