Cart / Carriage / Buggy ke Trolley?

Nope, I didn't mean trolling! Never good at that! 
I'm gonna talk about something that you'll borrow and bring along while shopping - trolley!

I'm not sure whether you have noticed this - We'll see a lot of abandoned trolleys in car-parks. A  lot of them in walkways and some just meant to be blocking the empty parking space! Few cases where I have to neglect few empty spaces coz it has been taken over by the trolleys (didn't know that we have the term of trolley-park!). Entering the hypermarket while looking for trolleys is just so ironic!

Where am I going actually, from here?

Ok, straight-forwardly, why the hell that we don't have enough civics to put the shopping trolley to the appropriate spaces after we have used it? Not until the entering point of the hypermarket, but just the appropriate space just like in Tesco, yang dekat2 dengan car-park tu (duhh!!). 

Did you know that because of your laziness, the hypermarket has to hire bunch of people just to collect back the trolley? When they hire, they are paying. When they are paying, they have to increase the goods prices! At the end, who's paying the worker? So, never complaint when the price of XX is RM 1.09/pc where it could be just RM 1.00/pc - RM 0.09 is channeled to the trolley worker salary (or so). 

So, my question, is it worth spending few cents to those workers? Will they be out of job when we decided to have a bit courtesy and civics to put back the trolley where it should be? Never mind them, just mind the hole in your pocket!!

Don't get me started on not cleaning the table after eating at McDonald's (even I admit, I'm still on the majority side. Maybe, I'm considering the people that will lost their job if I clean the table myself kowt!!! - Halima!!! Erggh, typical Malaysian!!!)


t-na said...

sian kt mereka..education kurang nk mntk kje pon susah..da kire ok mereka nk wat kje gtu..dr merampok..^^v

Namie Xa'adea said...

yupp, i know.. dan kalau kita sorang je yang buat benda ni mmg xde pape perubahan. Tapi, this is just my plain opinion je.

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