The last of something means the beginning of something else later

Today is my last day.
Today I felt very sad for leaving.
Today, I was supposed to get ready for tomorrow.
Today, I just couldn't keep my mind thinking about tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a brand new day.
Tomorrow is the beginning of another chapter in my life.
Tomorrow, I won't be seeing those I used to see every day.
Tomorrow I will be meeting another group of new people.

Those aren't poems. Those are something that has happened and will happen. Honestly, it was sad to leave. But, leaving something good for something better is a sacrifice and a risk at the same time. I'm taking my chances now and hoping that my decision is correct, this time.

As I left the office just now, and after a farewell dinner with the team, I headed out to get some peace of mind. I was sad of leaving and I am worried of a new beginning tomorrow. So, the best therapy for me is indeed – shopping.

I went to Giant initially with just 2 purposes and TWO PURPOSES ONLY – to go to ATM and to get all documentations ready for tomorrow (i.e Photostatting some documents and taking passport pictures). But, when I got out from Giant, these were something that I got for myself:

Unlike Shazwany's, yup, my shopping spree is far way unattractive and less luxurious to compare to. But, here is the list of the things that I bought anyhow:

  1. A pair of shoes from E-Max worth RM 39.90.
  2. A 2-Way Cake Foundation (Warm) from Sendayu Tinggi worth RM 30.00
  3. A Body Wash Dreams Unlimited 200ml from The Body Shop worth RM 45.00
  4. An EDP Dreams Unlimited 30ml from The Body Shop worth RM 85.00
  5. A MoistureGlide Lipstick 06 Clover PK from The Body Shop at 50% off and worth RM 22.50.
  6. A lousy purse from a kiosk without a name worth RM 10.00.

A simple calculation and just a single snapppppp – I just spent RM 232.40 in JUST ONE NIGHT! And that did not include the Photostatting and taking picture which have cost me about RM20++! And to top it all off, I also have paid my credit card HUTANG today and I paid more than what I used to pay. RM 90 more, to be exact! And on the way back, I filled up the tank and cost another RM 25! All of that and I lost about RM 360++ in just about 2 hours!

So, did I regret spending that much in ONE NIGHT? Definitely not! Or, maybe a little!


Since it has been few months since I bought shoes for myself and since tomorrow is my first day, I think a pair of shoes wouldn't hurt!

The compact powder or the foundation (as they called it; as found in the packaging), is something that I may feel some guilty about; of purchasing. But my Maybelline compact powder is no longer suitable for my even-more-tanned skin now. So, that's the reason!

The body wash is also important as the one that I already have is was just a temporary solution. The smells just like those body sprays from Follow Me or Ginvera or something like that. Meaning, it smell not good and it smells cheap too. Maybe, I should just grab the usual Olay's but since I was at The Body Shop, why not just get it from there je, right?

Owh, the perfume! The perfume is one of the must-buy items before 1st April, besides the shoes. The reason is pretty obvious considering the new environment that I'll be working at.

OK, yup I know the lipstick is not that important, or never that important at this point of time. But, spending more than RM 150 and above at The Body Shop for free membership and the promotion of 50% for the third item which expired today; those just tempted my straight away! Please don't make me feel so guilty of fulfilling the need to go-and-grab-while-you-can whispering in me!
Owh, last but not least is the purse. Since my dua-kali-lima purse is malfunctioning, so I bought another dua-kali-lima purse. It has never crossed my mind to buy something more branded, which I'm not sure why! Considering a Sembonia purse given by my cousin which worth RM 199.00 that time and it has been with me since last 7 to 8 years and the purse is still as good as new, I'm not sure why I did not choose to buy a more decent purse and still chose to buy another RM 10 purse which does not look cute at all!! Ups, too much information for something less important!

Enough about the boring shopping details! Back to reality now! I'm hoping tomorrow will be easy on me. Urgh, now I realize that I actually don't like changes. Maybe the changes are good but I just cannot get myself out from the comfort zone!

Wish me luck!!!!




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