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Random Food For Thought :  Tau tak bahasa rasmi negara Singapura ialah Bahasa Melayu. Tapi korang tau kan most Malays kat Singapore pun cakap Melayu tunggang langgang. The thing is kalau Bahasa Melayu adalah bahasa rasmi diorang, kenapa in ch5 (channel Singapore bagi korang yang 'wo pu che tao'), ada iklan berbahasa Mandarin (without subtitle some more), sedangkan bila ada thriller rancangan2 ch. Suria (channel Singapore gakx) voice-over dia cakap Inggelishey aje? Kenapa? Kenapa rancangan2 kat ch5 tu only recently je some of them ada subtitle Malay, while sebelum ni, hanya Mandarin subtitle aje yang ditalanya?


***Halima ni warga Malaysia ke Singapura??***


Trust me folks when I say  this - It has been a long long longgg time ago (I mean last week -_-) that I want to put something in this little page, some entries probably. But due to some hesitation and a lot of procrastination, the rest is better left unsaid. Nuff.

Random ye topic kita hari ni. Why? Because me sitting here in the office basically doing everything except working. Yah, few quotations managed to get out, but really... few?? So, since I'm technically jobless let me put some updates here so that I look pretty (*pause*) damn busy right now. 

Oh ya, this Chinese New Year, the management is so generous giving us angpao. Not in form of money, but in form of extra cuti. Well, too bad for our company our working day is 5 1/2 days (alternate Saturday off). So, being the only Malay in Marketing team, of course this coming Saturday I were supposed to be left alone in the office doing nothing but blogwalking and fesbuking. But, like I said the management is very generous and declared that the office is completely close for this Saturday. Meaning me cuti from Thursday till Sunday! 4 days in total! Great! Was that an angpao or what!!

Sound so bodekking, kan?

Ada typo error but I choose to ignore

Since it's going to be a longgg holiday, me and few of my friends namely Shaz, Tina, Ayu and long lost friend, Fida - we're going to meet up on the first day of CNY! Great, isn't it? Firstly, we thought of going outings together - we were planning to go to Kluang to UK Farm and some mandi manda in waterfalls or something; but the weather is not really on our side right now. Kluang sekarang tengah banjir, and if let's say we were to proceed with the plan, those places of interest will then not be that interesting anymore, kan. So, we changed our plan just now. We will be doing some indoor activities. I really really really crossing my fingers right now hoping that Karaoke is not part of it as me batuk2 right now! Yeah, the activities have not been finalized yet. but really my friends - no karaoke, please~~

Owh, another updates on me and my boyfriend. Me and him dah few weeks tak see each other. So sad kan? Well, not really that sad. I feel like single again, best! But, recent comment from Mama sparkled some 'kerinduan' towards him (read : some, SOME ONLY!) But, is it because I rindu the money he supposed to pay me up or what? Owh, it's complicated in here already! (-_-")

I guess that's all folks! Looking forward for the small gathering with my besties. And I shall repeat, no karaoke, ok?



Namie Xa'adea said...

upsie,,, pix takde di atas! well, ada masa I edit. Now, me going back!

Namie Xa'adea said...

ok.. edited

tiena said...

hahahaha...last2 kite dua je..=P

Namie Xa'adea said...

huhu tina comment!!!
haah, dah takdir~~

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