Desperately in need to revamp my page!!!!!

I really need to change my page settings and design right now. I really really think that my page does not really represent the true me. Feels like i'm faking it. And to browse through others' pages just didn't do much justice to my page as well. Feels like mine was old-fashioned and lefted behind.

I need my page to be an easy-to-read page. Just like Hanis Zalikha's and I truly envy Mr. Obifiend's for his newly-designed page. 

I think with current design - wrong fonts, wrong spacing and all - doesn't help my traffic level also. Upsie~~~

Ok, I know - I'm blogging for all the wrong reason. Or at least it seems like it. Well, trust me, never in a million years I want my writing to be read my numerous number of anonymous readers around the world. I'm not like Mr. Obifiend or Aidid Muaddib whose carrying their own ideologies with their writings. Mine? I'm about everything like mumbling, babbling throughout my posts and.. that's it! I really don't care about my daily traffic. Yeah, i subscribed to Nuffnang, i mean who doesn't! Maybe (just maybe) sooner or later I could get some financial support through the mumbling (I mean babbling). Kalau takde rezeki, I'm all but thankful with whatever I have right now. 

But truth to say that sometimes I also do promote my page through Facebook. That; with only one intention - to get the attention from those friends of mine, like closest friends and maybe long lost friends. You see, sometimes, we are better at writing it as opposed to saying it. So...

But hey, they never visited my page either, so why bother changing the design???

Because I'm sick and tired of this current design! And did I mention earlier that I envy Mr. Obifiend for his new design or for god's sake, his previous design was satisfactory as well? So, pretty good excuses for some page revamp?

I think so...


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