my day my luck over december my bad

Hi Hi Hi..

It's December in progress, y'all. Yippie! This is the best time for most of those who are working in private companies to keep wondering, will there be any bonuses this year end? How much? And for some of you (maybe) are thinking, is there anymore shopping complexes that I haven't visited this month? You know, for YES (Year-End-Sale). 

Wow, very decent intro, dearie...

Ok, let's cut to the chase.

December for me is an exam months, the most boringest (wish there is such word) month ever, the 2nd boringest of course June la, exam as well maa. Oklah, I actually pretty reluctant to comment further about that topic, simply because I've had enough! Nuff said!!!

This month, It has only been 2 days since 30th November. But I think I’ve gone through some of the most hardest experiences in my life. Let’s watch below clips which will offer some tips or hints of what has happened: 

My car has lost its one eye - operation-in-progress
Up-close and personal :-)

Move to the side of the road - an act of considerate road user :-)

Serpihan kaca - it's anoyying to hear all those kereta and all main langgar je serpihan2 ni after my car has been moved

Bukan senang nak dapat advantage taking picture in the middle of the busy road such as Pasir Gudang Highway, yippie!!


Up-close and personal. pfft.. sakit mata!!!

The view from inside, it was rather disturbing i must say~~

Finally, towed to Seri Alam for further action, pehh, lega

All my captions above show how frustrating I am at this moment (I mean, you have to read between the line la my dear!).  Like I mean, how wonderful it was for me to experience my first time being inside the tow truck. 


Ok, I'm out. Don't wanna talk type too much!! Exhausted already!! 


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