STRIKE - All the way

Oopss, this is only related to bowling, but it's closely related to some good times I had with my BFFs~~

#One : It's not about winning, it's always about having FUN

#Two : Friends for Eternity

#Three : Left hand may comes in handy for some right-handed (but not for me)

#Four : "Aim for the arrows, not the pins" say professionals. If this doesn't work, refer to #One

#Five : Strike a POSE whenever possible

#Six : Prior to point #One, try some motivations when it's a straight strike to the longkang

#Seven : Prior to #Six though, some hoorrays will work even if it’s not a ‘strike’!

#Eight : Don't look at others' scoreboards. It is just like looking at Bursa Saham Kuala Lumpur! Refer to point #One, #Six and #Seven

#Nine : Improve your CONGAKsss!!! It’s not only useful to detect any miscalculations by the scoreboard; but it’s helpful for a lot of other things too

(>>new entrance)#Ten : Besides the volume of the people, it is best to consider the uniformed attire of the warongs' / restaurants' "baristas" (appropriate term for waiters / waitresses); before choosing the chosen warong / restaurant to go to~~

Disclaimer (IMPORTANT): These tips / methodologies / ideologies are 100% coming from someone who is not even eligible to be called an amateur bowler. Follow these tips / methodologies / ideologies at your own risk. However the author is strongly recommending referring back to point #One if any of the tips / methodologies / ideologies just seems not to be workable at all.


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