It takes two to tango

Ok ok - the title has nothing to do with the whole story of this post, got it!
However, there are two small pictures in front of the big picture... so, the title somehow does fit, right?
Ok, it's my own page so, no point discussing over this matter (such a small matter)
And, it's a small talk to distract you to discuss about it, right Cik Xa'adea???

This is ridiculous! This is obviously totally ridiculously the opposite of what you have been saying before! You said, you want to go for more exercising which apparently you've done basically nothing toward that! And with this?????

Ok ok, thanks to mama, she prepared me a very deliciously delicious dish yesterday. Love her. Love her cooking. I was asking for Udang Goreng Tepung, instead, she had came up with this. Huge-huge XOXO to my mom!

Ok ok, your fever makes it a perfect excuse for you to just have the heart to even eat the whole of that (and more - which of course it did not make into this picture!!!).

But, just thinking about the numbers of calories that you've absorbed...

Aahhhhh... shut up!


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