After two years and more...

After a long period of two years, me and my ex boss, (or should I say) my long lost friend; Ms. Sue and I; we finally met. And as typical as it used to be, the dinner (a fine one) was on her. Let’s skip the ‘makan’ thing first and let me story from the beginning and bragging about her all the way, shall I?
I received SMSes from her few days ago, asking about my well being and so on. I never expected her to invite me over dinner tonight at all. During the reunion, we talked and talked and makan and makan all the way from 7.00pm++ till 9.30pm++… then we had to (L.....) really called it a day….
Like what I updated in my Facebook just now – so much to talk about and yet so little time….. Ms. Sue… I really2 missed you and of course all of our colleagues back then, soooooo much!! You know, words really can’t describe it, but really – I missed you guys so much. And meeting you just now was really something that I look forward to for the longest time.
Yes, that’s the bonding we have – me and my colleagues – especially with my ex-boss. We were very close. And the best thing is, we still ‘talk back’ about each other very often up until now – well, in a good way that is. I still remember, end of last year I was emailing Ms. Sue, and my other colleagues namely Siew Hong, Vivian, Mr. Lau… – then when Ms. Sue replied, she said she was also mentioning my name just few days before when she met up with Siew Hong and other ex-colleagues. That was really coincidental, wasn’t it?  Then, when I received her SMS few weeks after that, I also mentioned to her that something had happened that leading me to thinking about her as well. Well, kinda true that we are tuning to the same frequency, aren’t we?


I guess, it is to no point for me to bodek her so much right now, as she is no longer my superior. But, in a way – in a very good way I really love her. She has taught me so much. And I really look up to her. She is a successful as a person – as a manager and as a mother of two cutey boys. Yes, I have been scolded before when I used to be her sub-ordinate, but when I miss her and the team, the memory of us together – that is all that I can think of. In a good way, she was like the motherly mother to us; Materials Department team. Sorry Ms. Sue, I know you already an auntie, but to regard you as our ‘mother’ is the least that I can say… (owh, you look so fine, just like you used to be and will always be, ni hen mei~~). Uppss… sorry can’t bodek you as a wifey to your hubby as I really didn’t see the romantic side of you. Pardon me. Owh, you are a family type of person, nonetheless~~
Back to our meeting just now (and let us forget about the bodekking for a while…) – it was so sad and disappointing that I forgot to take our picture together – so that I can upload it to Facebook and make them (ex-Bi-Link) so and so jealous!!! L But never mind. Let me put at least something here to reminisce some of our good old days together~~~ (at first I would like to put some pictures here but by dial-up internet connection is damn lousy that it took 15 minutes to upload NOTHING!! I make an effort to re-upload tomorrow -_-" )
Thanks to her, she has taught me to be a Planner with proper way to doing the job (sorry for the long description here, as I know I was not a good Planner back then like my ex FM used to call it “Poor Planning??”). Thanks to her, I really really really improved my English so much. Typical for Malays not to have confidence to speak in English publicly, right? But in order for me to communicate with her – actually is was more to not to have any miscommunication with her so that the work flow would not be affected – she has made me “the girl who speaks”. Though I know, my English is way beyond perfect, but people can at least understandla (at least I think they do). Thanks to her, she has taught me some beautiful facts about life; about kids, about general health, well just about anything… (I still remember she also lectured us about the better “susu fomula” to give children other that breastfeeding). Thanks to her, I have learned how to be professional when dealing with people and not to jeopardize work with personal. Thanks to her I got to enjoy some fine dinings last time (and just now!!).
Wow, cannot talk about this lady, then I will keep bragging about her and people will look at me one kind liao (pandang satu macam).
Anyway, it was pretty obvious here for me to say that we still got more to catch up and the meeting just now felt so sekejaaaaap sangat! Let’s end this with some wishes. I wish that we can see each other again; each time more merrier and merrier than the last time. And please, don’t wait for another two years to reunite ya? And I wish next year I can collect some ang pao from each of my Chinese ex-colleagues from Bi-Link, that I will be RICH *ngeeee*

P/S : How I wish I still have that one picture of us Materials Department together. Silly me, last time pendrive wasn’t the most crucial gadget for me, so the picture is only saved here, inside my “hard head”….. keras kepala LAH!!


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