I was having a blast blessed raya especially based on the event I attended yesterday – I mean, finally! Me, Shaz, Tina, Ayu were visiting each other’s houses– well actually they visited mine the day before.

I recall this song:

“setahun hanya sekali, merayakan hari yang mulia ini”

However I got my own perspective of celebrating hari raya, as follows:

“setahun, hanya sebulan, namun setahun hanya sekali berpeluang berjumpa dengan saudara mara dan sahabat handai” (do not sing as this one got no tempo at all. It does not mean for singing, it is just my definition, people!!)

Ok, let’s begin with yesterday

Yesterday was:

1. Awesome; as finally we managed to do something according to plan. I believe it is now getting harder and harder for us to reunite. Tina - she’s a wifey already, Shaz – she’s busy even though people might think that she got the best carrier in the world, Ayu – well, she’s getting married, me – no comment.

2. Not so awesome for me; as I totally behaved (betul ke past tense ni, rasa cam lain macam) like a typical Melayu – turned up almost an hour late! Didn’t mean to say anything negative about my own race, but it is just perspective yang typical only. For that I would like to publicly apologize to my BFFs.

3. Great; as finally we’ve got the chance to visit Tina’s new house and Shaz’s new apartment in group. Obviously, they are all very jealous of me (or at least I think they are) because yesterday was my third time to Shaz’s (because it was for the first time for Tina).

4. Inspiring; as we were reminiscing our good old times back when we were in high school. And sometimes, we came across something that we’d never know or realized before – GREAT!!

5. Totally best; as we are still friends and contacting each other despite all the commitments we may or may not have. SUPERBeLLICIOUS!!!

*Pic courtesy of Shaz Pic was stolen from Shaz’s collection in Facebook

Those were yesterday. My first raya was:

1. =( ; as only my Pak Ngah and family and Pak Cu turned up this year. Such a small family like ours – it was pathetic (I know, my relative may read this, but honestly this is how I feel) – though on raya-3 or 4 we got to meet each other, finally (hmm..)

2. =( ; as I waited the whole day for my family to visit us, but in vain until I felt asleep few times.

3. =( ; of course sedih coz for the first time me berjauhan dengan yang tersayang (but I still feel great about it as I know he was having fun with his relatives at his kampong)

On a lighter note, this raya was a bit different compared any other raya before as; for the first time me raya with status “in a relationship”. First time, indeed.

That’s it for Raya entry. Ok, ok I know, a lot of grammatical error, kan?? Ntah, rasa awkward lak nak tulis ari ni. Rasa semua serba tak kena. In fact, most of the time I hit ‘backspace’ throughout this entry (in fact #2, few times I hit ‘backspace’ in order to get the right spelling for throughout, napa eq??)

…bersambung, raya tahun depan : 1432


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